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@SRKs_Ahinsa 😂😂😂 ahhhhh liyuma da??? I wanna c 🙈 hehehe mona liyalada danna😏 on paper? Lolol mama wihiluwata ne kiwwe🙈
weda awasan siyaluma projects walata adalawa sanwarda niladari warthawa heta ena wita regena enna. dina danna epa
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Zootopia was a great movie. Loved how they incorporated scenes of the godfather and breaking bad
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RT @davilaM_: Porque no tiene sentido respirar el olor de otro cuerpo, si por ese cuerpo amor no sientes. 🎤
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18 days to go before the US Presidential Elections, here's a piece from Danna Colman, copyeditor. writer and... https://t.co/sbop9aqPEg
RT @hira2shin: 楠葉中之芝に「ベルタウン(仮称)」って物販店舗ができるっぽい。スーパーマツモト系列で結構大規模:枚方つーしん https://t.co/rAB1HjwHIj https://t.co/cUWrnsMq3M