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RT @RealJamesWoods: “‘No amount of spin or commentary by Stormy Daniels or her lawyer, Mr. Avenatti, can truthfully characterize today’… https://t.co/saTtwVeXaJ
RT @DutyOfAPatriot: CREEPY PORN LAWYER A federal bankruptcy judge issued a restraining order late Wed to block the firm of Michael Aven… https://t.co/kyzELf2APM
RT @special1004: ขอบคุณที่ให้ฉันแสดงความ รักที่ร้อนแรงอยู่เสมอ แม้จะเวลาผ่านไป แต่ก็รู้สึกถึงความรักของคุณอีกครั้ง จะกลับไปที่เกาหลี… https://t.co/eehjKiznGc
@Daniels_Rap Y la freestyle competition no cuenta?
@Duke_of_wallace Haha I'll definitely pass😂Ooh I love Gin! My go-to spirit tends to be Honey Jack Daniels, but cock… https://t.co/HcJ5enjLT8
RT @teukienickie: omg Teuk u murdered the Mannequin haha.. JK take care.. https://t.co/RpjqvEWtgX
RT @gayrotismo: Bareback - Aaron Daniels, Joseph Banks, Valentino, Cory Parker, Brett Lake, Anthony Rican Full Video & Download her… https://t.co/TZsxzDCrNG
RT @LiberalismRules: First they arrest a teenager in Iran for dancing. Now, they're arresting Stormy Daniels for doing the same. Why do… https://t.co/BWZtqQ1oKp
RT @VotForSJ: Officially vote ended THE WINNER WILL BE REVEALED ON NOVEMBER 11، thank you to all who voted with us and helped us… https://t.co/9LYJLjgYwx
RT @yamarie_suju: Maybe some of you don't know shindong's fansite private @/0928shindong her account bcuz of some haters pestering he… https://t.co/eMVVONvU6J
RT @MitchellCocaine: The media is NOT your friend. It's not just "Fake News" The media spoon feeds us like clockwork in 2-3 week cycles… https://t.co/sOwL2qJnHY
RT @CharlieDaniels: You’re right Mr Avenatti , President Trump probably shouldn’t have called Stormy Daniels a horse face. I think the… https://t.co/YkbXIADLrC
RT @heechullieoppa: don't really care if any of you will say no ... gonna post leeteuk's photos anyway 😝 #SJxOShoppingRound2 (i don't o… https://t.co/DHkmNC33O4
RT @just10ized: @WendiEden @shaquemgriffin @ShaquillG @PeteCarroll @DangeRussWilson @shaquem’s reply to Daniels video. Dec 2nd we… https://t.co/xLiFj4h5Ul
RT @SUJUmemories: - IN FORUM 181020 MASTER KEY CR : 藍色十五號 Blue No.15 #Eunhyuk #Henry https://t.co/w4xZodSWCy
Hell Is The Tie That Binds https://t.co/uqRoBvsl12 Hope Daniels and Alicia Dawn comes Love and marriage, pain and… https://t.co/IktYklJz8r
RT @SJofficial: Korean & Mexican Boy Bands #SUPERJUNIOR & @ReikMx Team Up On Cross-Cultural 'One More Time (Otra Vez)'… https://t.co/MoPNTY2ulv
@David_K_Wayne Those are just Eastern savages. Mutti will slap them down as Germany always has.
RT @mandymendez90: I’m so glad I made it through my childhood without any of these Hollywood hypocrites ruining it for me. You have a… https://t.co/L6sJ9o7xrA
RT @heechullieoppa: can u do a leeteuk spam today? there are like dozens of leetuek absolutely perfect photos worth sharing ... teukchu… https://t.co/BTvYhpA0sa
Most pleasant sunny morning mooch round #Rdguk with a delicious brunch stop at @TheTastingHouse with @PopupReadinghttps://t.co/ze092SfBD7
RT @wickedryeonggu: 2005 Super Junior debut, Awkward greeting. They look really innocent 😆 #BAMA2018 #BAMA2018_SuperJunior https://t.co/p8t3ghyZ3F