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RT @indra75941: Double K(더블 케이) _ OMG (feat. Seo In Guk(서인국), Dok2 #서인국 #SeoInGuk #K_POP https://t.co/6aBQmFpmnq
@LoesxLa @tabing_rico lakas nang trip nyong dalawa, hahahaha
RT @tabing_rico: Just take the risk 👊🏻
Gusto ko na mag watch Your Lie in April!!!
RT @cristy_mansi: Conor McGregor Is Asking For Massive Money To Fight Floyd Mayweather https://t.co/CgpwrBux2a
@tabing_rico luh? Ndi mo naman cya kilala eh. Hahahaha
#DanicaPatrick 2008 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editor's Choice #EC5 Danica Patrick https://t.co/xzYR4GU3Vvhttps://t.co/EUVvjU8EEE
RT @MgaPatama: "Sometimes, you have to smile, pretend everything is okay, and just walk away."
RT @zorendotcom: i miss the old you i miss the old me i miss the old us 😭
Konti nalang mafafall na😊
RT @zorendotcom: i miss you so much
RT @cristy_mansi: She Puts Socks On Her Wipers For A Genius Reason. You Have To See Her Other Winter Hacks! https://t.co/YekdGVMWqL
@danica_sandifer mention ko na ba? 😂😍
Oo nagtatampo ako, pero ndi ko matiis na ndi ka kausapin.