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RT @KBTXJake: Jarvis Henderson nails the 3 at the buzzer to put Brenham within 2. Rudder leads 45-43 heading to the 4th @kbtxsports
@JoshNorris me too, and why not, explosive dudes have +++ traits and that translates. Henderson WR3 for me
RT @EUTEOTW: Even Unto The End Of The World : North Henderson Baptist Church Covenant (2) https://t.co/9iScwllUAp
Wouldn't be a sixers game without a Gerald Henderson late game brick from 3, off the backboard, zero rim, puke city
Even Unto The End Of The World : North Henderson Baptist Church Covenant (2) https://t.co/9iScwllUAp
@LedyardNFLDraft yeah i'm wondering how much Henderson's game translates, he has a role just not sure how big the upside.
RT @leftflankblog: Cross posted at Left Flank: On anti-politics & embedded neoliberalism, by Troy Henderson. http://t.co/2EWXOvyQ3b
RT @RustyGolden: FLORENCE HENDERSON (1934-2016) REST IN PEACE (Photo credit @thechrisgolden) Taken at Grand Ole Opry House https://t.co/DpZkvtySFM
RT @Suzy_Henderson: War changes everyone, inside & out. A moving tale of love, compassion, & determination in war.… https://t.co/v9FcRMKiNP
That ball was clearly going out unless Henderson is actually a jedi in which case it was going in. #SixersWizards
RT @UFCFightPass: 10 yrs ago today @danhendo took the #PrideFC middleweight title from Wanderlei Silva! #PRIDENEVERDIE FULL FIGHT… https://t.co/LZwPp380YB
RT @ClemsonTigers: In Loving Memory: Bert Henderson (1956-2017) Read #ClemsonFamily testimonies to his life: https://t.co/rccCZfJxUB https://t.co/7WimO4qyTg
RT @sxbredosis: De grande me imagino con un montón de perros en mi casa, la mejor de las compañías.
RT @MesaBasketball: Congrats to #12 DJ Henderson signing letter of intent today with Eastern Arizona #FeartheHop🏀〽 https://t.co/v5S43Ms1gq
RT @LSUTrackField: Blair Henderson is into the men’s 800m final as he takes 2nd in the 1st heat! Jack Wilkes runs a seasonal best of 1… https://t.co/jaV2ZLoZFG
@bryanmouque #HBDBryanCD9 🎂🎉 Felices 23 añotes al niño de mi corazón ❤ te amo sobre todo. Espero y disfrutes mucho… https://t.co/KuNI5LWk6o
RT @MMAHistoryToday: Feb24.2007 10 years ago today, Dan Henderson knocked out Wanderlei Silva, & became the first two weight world ch… https://t.co/njqDjx27Ro
Henderson is WR3. JuJu is about to be finished/studied, but Im somewhere day 2 on him. Taywan is soft and has conce… https://t.co/RAXFbaQkXp