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@Lwazi_Mntungwa @hardy_komane you two failed to debate church history particularly in SA which is what the thread is about. Y'all all over.
Feel like I just watched and was in this comedy movie all over this one little pickle 😛😂 @Conner_hardy_ @SteezwithEase_
The final image has never left me. https://t.co/fjHMxDuvFs
I need something good to happen in my life right now.
Hardy's first homer carries Alabama softball to victory https://t.co/eByBz06rSu
@TheFansPodcast Matt Hardy kinda looks like Bret Hart without his pink glasses on.
Taboo really is such a phenomenal show.. and I've never been able to get into those period pieces. Must be Tom Hardy.
https://t.co/V6yya3NLAB Soul Tied In A Knot - Jeff Hardy
RT @HolycrapitsaKat: I hate when I wake up and I'm not magically living on a tropical island, rich & carefree.
INTERVIEW: Bamboo builder, and Ibuku founder Elora Hardy on creating incredible buildings - https://t.co/r8R8p8d3jl
RT @ArtIsMyPorn: Is it just me or is life terrible?
RT @bobbycampo: .@TabooFX this is seriously the best show i've ever seen. ep7 was magnifique. Tom Hardy is magic 🔮 🐺👺
RT @luh_lex: If you haven't damn near threw up on your man dick you ain't sucking it right 😭😭😭😭
RT @bee00777: Fine, I'll go play with my voodoo dolls.