Damn Eric

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@Eric24Perez @ivory1002 Damn Eric, we been family for 18 years and you’ve never made me a sandwich. 😢 #imnotyourcousinanymore LOL
Be smart Olga!!! Don’t let Steven’s crazy ass take Richie back to the US without you sis! Colt check your grouchy a… https://t.co/NMmRR2JAkD
@Rachel__Nichols @SLAMonline @TheRealJRSmith @EvanFourmizz @derekfisher Damn.... Eric Snow was at the crib minding his business.....
Then I heard front office was checking up on our top rounders on the reg during the offseason I was like damn Eric… https://t.co/zevWM2Pgec
Damn Eric Snow catching strays lol
LMAOOOOOOO “Damn, Julie. Damn” Eric Taylor is just a whole joke when he’s mad 😂😂
@odotkay Lawd we used to love us some damn Eric Cork 😩😩😩😩. He had us so ready to learn
Damn Eric Anderson and I had drinks and fun at our last work event. He was a funny guy and helluva player. RIP Eric
@gelles @nycsouthpaw Damn, Eric Trump can’t do shit right.
@EBischoff @HeyHeyItsConrad Damn. Eric not a fan of Dave M. Lol. I wonder how many people read that stuff? I never… https://t.co/QJl60UX2D9
Well damn Eric let me know lol 😂 nah but why they still in they bag ?.. https://t.co/jGALuBZT71
Damn Eric is the pu**y that good? I doubt it. Smh🤦🏽‍♂️ #90dayfiance
RT @EmphasisOn_T: Damn eric really put his child out #90DayFiance
RT @EmphasisOn_T: Damn eric really put his child out #90DayFiance
Damn eric really put his child out #90DayFiance
Damn Eric just tossed Tasha under the buuuuus #90DayFiance
Zackly!RT @m_sarr: Pick and choose bill? Damn Eric broke AF! #90dayfiance
Pick and choose bill? Damn Eric broke AF! #90dayfiance
@EBraeden Damn Eric pissed much. I left them a llong time ago only used for the NFL package. Once my favorite tea… https://t.co/L2DGLuDngZ
@weddlesbeard @TreyDeuce32RTR and Jimmy Smith, this game was completely on you guys, 3 on 1 and you let tyreek catc… https://t.co/3s50mkKnSV
Damn Eric berry getting penalties and not even playing
Damn eric berry why? Lol
@CryptoChoe Damn Eric so I guess the free spot you were talking about was a lie.