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RT @realDonaldTrump: Deal with Mexico is coming along nicely. Autoworkers and farmers must be taken care of or there will be no deal. Ne… https://t.co/lzN6xjL2Jk
RT @kisahtanahjawa: “Tungkul uripe.. lan aja duwe kareman marang pepas donya, siyang dalu emut.. yen urip manggih antaka” Hiduplah den… https://t.co/GdAeGTSuyz
RT @skylawd: It's a waste of time advising someone that's in love, they will never listen.
RT @BBCWorld: The horror story inside an Indian children's home https://t.co/9Y9sFyPq9H
My only friend is my brother
RT @JeffreeStar: 😱👌🏼 #TheSecretLifeofJeffreeStar has gained almost 60 million views in just over a week!! So grateful that… https://t.co/TFhM4nqkQ1
RT @HospitalsApollo: Did you know Whole grains keeps your blood sugar and insulin stable. #ApolloFacts #ApolloHospital #Didyouknow? https://t.co/XJaA0iLBqG
RT @ClevelandClinic: Are you all too familiar with the ache of arthritis? Check out this week’s NEW podcast episode! https://t.co/Tu4WyT1o6D
RT @valxandrade: si te sueltan rápido es porque en realidad mucho no les importabas
It has to pass the water test. The last test.
RT @LaAntipoetica: Cuando tu amigo evita que hagas estupideces cuando de borracho. https://t.co/hlh4vfLxpx
RT @Infotecnomx: Lector de Presentación para Mostrador (2D) @UnitechAmerica modelo FC79 SOLO EN INFOTECNO https://t.co/btm9DE7xax… https://t.co/FsQSIk4F0K
RT @LNV22: Cuando alguien dice que el Invierno es mejor que el Verano https://t.co/mjoGrThUb9
Ça prend que 1minute par jour et ça aide plein de causes différentes ! #Goodeed #Don https://t.co/GnLZDtxfTz
RT @vanguardngrnews: Saraki will not return to the Senate, Oshiomhole thunders===has been published on Vanguard News -… https://t.co/RIaaCLp9uV
RT @vanguardngrnews: Saraki fires back, says Oshiomhole behaving like rain-beaten chicken===has been published on Vanguard News -… https://t.co/9RZdgsHnhO
RT @PsychoAryll: Sabéis que hay muchas maneras de apoyar a un streamer, y una de las mejores maneras (y además totalmente gratuita)… https://t.co/d4Lc5Ej5n9
@ShumyArt Habías dicho "ahora", me quedé esperanding, y nada, ahora no, mejor en otro ahora :P