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Dalton: You're stomping at the grit Me:...... you mean.. chomping at the bit....?
And mf Erie county sheriffs!!!! Literally picked roaches from under the seats to give me more tickets
idk why im rewatching these scenes im just upsetting myself because I'm Ein Dalton
RT @LifelnWords: I wish you realised how much you mean to me.
@WHOiSDALTON dalton. please let me be extra
RT @LaRicetta99: パンケーキアート動画〜 機動戦士ガンダム 鉄血のオルフェンズ アイン・ダルトン GUNDAM Orphans Ein Dalton #パンケーキアート #pancakeart https://t.co/k8bxqtVwlN
RT @araslanian_: Anyone need a new mom? Mine acting up. https://t.co/b8435aoaoK
I'm so sick of this town , and the shitty ass weather
Retweeted FreeDem Music Group® (@FreeDem_Music): #NP Steve Dalton & The Leviticus Singers of Charlotte... https://t.co/JlhkYbs7AH
RT @isa_briana: People who treat animals badly do not belong on this earth. I'm not sorry about this
RT @FreeDem_Music: #NP Steve Dalton & The Leviticus Singers of Charlotte @lsocharlotte - I Win | #HearFDR | https://t.co/zUf2bFAJo7
@StrangeDalton HOLD UP 1) I'm sure Dalton understood the sarcasm hahaha 2) YOULL BE FINE:)))
RT @sexgoal: one of the most comforting feelings https://t.co/ZYgNRf1EmQ
Bless you Dalton bless you 😂 https://t.co/mEVaCYxW3S
RT @JonB_954: I'd rather be cold hearted than heart broken.
dalton brought me home a red phone case to match my red purse and my favorite laundry detergent, & im so happy. ❤
RT @CloydRivers: General James "Mad Dog" Mattis is officially the new Secretary of Defense. ISIS is about to be WasWas. Merica.
alguém me da um uniforme de dalton o famoso terno dos warblers pf eu sei que eh de homem mas eu quero
RT @loitersquvdvids: *finds out u get more money from FAFSA if ur married* https://t.co/bQStlXjzyZ
RT @GripGawd: how hard i'm tryna cuff this year https://t.co/905U7kn0T3