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@Fener10line dalton Şener 💪🏻@senerzbayrakl
@ABWright824 @HolyFount @WestDeclines the 65'000 worth of hotdogs and pizza sent to the white house from the owner of comet
@Dalton_Banks Let me know if you've any questions though. Talking about South America is one of my fave things haha x
pray 4 me and dalton today as we're abt to be bent over and fuCKEd with this final <3
Woke up this morning and started packing my football bag 😞
@dalton_pad それならスキル上げかなり楽になるか
@ABWright824 @HolyFount @WestDeclines the horrifying pictures that jimmy comet posted to his insta
RT @DeeSmith_2: When the bell ring tomorrow for dismissal I'm going to have mixed emotions 😕
@Yuko_Kanade_ タンに同じタン5つですね
RT @Yun9Xanii: If I want you, never worry about who wants me.
@dalton_pad キングタンはタン6体使うんだっけ
@Dalton_Banks @AdventureHan @HLOBlog I'm doing Salkantay in April! Currently on a6 month trip in South America. If you need any tips shout!
@kirankishore21 @connieconsumes haha sounds perfect!! I'll check back at the end of the week!
@ABWright824 @HolyFount @WestDeclines except for the podesta emails, the leaked video of the creepy ass "pizza party"
@dalton_pad 付け替えが多くなりそうですが、ヴリドラが使えなくなったわけではないので、上手く運用していきます
@AdventureHan haha I was going to ask if it was on your blog- I will take a look!
@dalton_ani «هویج‌بستنی» کارداشیان
@Dalton_Banks @connieconsumes Just arrived an hour ago - ask me again in a few days? ;) but as far as I know it's wine, wine, 🍷 😉
@Dalton_Banks This is everywhere I went in south america - should link to posts too! https://t.co/LbB7buoQtS
@Yuko_Kanade_ 超神システムですね あれはやばいです
@Dalton_Stevens_ @HolyFount @WestDeclines Conversely, none of the articles calling this "news" have anything concrete that proves it's real