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RT @llandrews__: Four people are willing to get my name tattooed on their ass, Twitter do ya thing https://t.co/qMd1t6BIKf
@_john_dalton @ABC No I do not assume that at all. But you do assume the opposite.
(أفمن اتبع رضوان الله كمن باء بسخط من الله ومأواه جهنم وبئس المصير) [آل عمران:162] https://t.co/mf8Kf4iUi1
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@_john_dalton @ABC No. But asking for asylum is still not illegal regardless. It is up to the US to adjudicate their cases.
RT @jinsen_paige: well if I was a stoner I’d roll you up and get high🎶
1997 Chevy Suburban roll-over crash Wreck Fail Dalton Ga: https://t.co/UGzzj3lvDB via @YouTube
@whatisyouranswr @ABC You seem to suppose that everyone who asks for assylum is sincere? Is of noble and true inte… https://t.co/HV8jNAPIww
@brandnewphysics I firmly believe we will have a campaign mode
RT @ana_cristina6: Trying to find this sweet pup a new home if anyone is interested or knows anyone who would make a good owner!… https://t.co/LOHEhlUj9T
Hey T. Dalton Combs thanks for the follow! Happy to connect :) https://t.co/5GUnsG9qGe
@dalton_trigg It’s interesting but what’s the reason? They already have cap space this summer.... a rebuilding team… https://t.co/kFe7KA7NA6
@Fireyams No he’s just trying to make an accessible game and please people who complain about everything
@_john_dalton @ABC That's why the ACLU has filed several suits regarding that.
1997 Chevy Suburban roll-over crash Wreck Fail Dalton Ga: https://t.co/YQhufs1iUb via @YouTube
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@_john_dalton @ABC The United States has signed treaties and Congress has approved regarding asylum. The Supreme Co… https://t.co/4lt42cRwzY
@whatisyouranswr @ABC Not everyone who begs for assylum is in need of one.
RT @_araujotati: Segunda rodada da Copa do Mundo e já ficou claro o porque CR7 é o melhor do mundo e não Messi nem Neymar.
@whatisyouranswr @ABC Cept... the United States is not under the jurisdiction of international law (at least in thi… https://t.co/TWnw4MdUdL
RT @Dalton_Harper_: Alright i messed up the lyrics a little 😂 but it’s all to myself // Dan + Shay https://t.co/ydaHTuY940
@_john_dalton @ABC Asylum seekers are not criminals. We've already established this.