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@rvianna Ou tem acordo costurado?
RT @rvianna: Reparem q justo hoje Temer disse a frase "Brasil trilha caminho de regime de exceção". Por que? A pressão pela queda se tornou gigantesca.
@sempresamanthab Yo, Dalton is EXACTLY the same.
@IrelandUncut @SaintJoanArcSTL @TodaySOR @MarianRTE @RTEmcbennettd @MichaelHughe @davenally1 @WilliamsJon… https://t.co/SRSYDb209e
RT @MidiaNINJA: AMAZÔNIA: ENORME MÁQUINA DE FAZER ÁGUA Conheça a Samaúma, árvore que coloca sozinha mais de mil litros de água na a… https://t.co/g6zb2naG4w
Join the Shaw Industries team! See our latest #job opening here: https://t.co/NIbjD4T7kl #Sales #Dalton, GA #Hiring
This is my life bc Dalton doesn’t use anything but Instagram🙄😂 https://t.co/3CnhI7cEJD
I love dalton but if he doesn't work out for the rest of the year I would love to have baker mayfield 👀
@Bengals @EAMaddenNFL @ajgreen_18 @ZAN_4PM When our o-line ain't doing work and Dalton isn't passing to Green i don… https://t.co/BvzaJu2psu
RT @OdoggBrox: Dalton Blakemore tossed 3 TD's for Bonner Springs and was on the move all night against Tonganoxie. #SHUKC https://t.co/KIuPYq1DwP
@dalton_trigg @NickVanExit Should’ve done Seth on meth 😂
@Cianaf Don't worry, Andy Dalton doesn't need to protest to make a throw like that
RT @dirtaysanchez44: @LexieSchuster27 @Sandlizard_ @Ohmayagosh @dalton_swiercek Anything @LexieSchuster27 says probably isn't valid🙃
@LeBatardShow A. Dalton #lookslike the nervous member of a team of dirty cops insisting to his boss that "this time, they've gone too far"
The reason getongab is being targeted is because they aren't part of the #internet #honeypot. #ControlledChaos
RT @ochocinco: I love Baker Mayfield's confidence 💯 https://t.co/Ynb7hZIbTD
I didn't expect it to get this bad
RT @_john_dalton: #Remember: Its all about what YOU want, how it makes YOU feel -- Youre a unique individual, just like everyone else!
@sparkletits_ 👑💍
RT @l_dalton_white: "She stayed frozen...and tried to ward off the little thoughts about dying...how long it might take." #book https://t.co/CHcLYOmFNY
RT @BevHillsAntifa: The military just needs to shut the hell up about protesters kneeling and let Antifa and millionaire athletes do the real work. 👊💯 #RESIST
@dramatic_dalton I AM !!!!!!!!!!