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@JL_Braden LNG is the base load for renewables. Less harmful than oil or coal but yeah.
@nick_tomcho Yoo Braden made that his screensaver 😂😭😂😭
@SpeakerPelosi @braden_rose @realDonaldTrump The self entitled deal maker is a one trick pony. He is all stick and… https://t.co/PbH3dnoHvk
@YXEguy I thought it was today. What were all the football stories about then?
RT @joyisabelllla: i should be cuddling rn but ok
@RadicallySoft ...support liquid LNG exports as the alternative to coal is pretty funny. Only in Calgary would oil/… https://t.co/aZnesIVoFh
RT @Blacklace40: Here it comes-- WHAT THE FUCK???? Trump just said mothers give their daughters birth control pills before they star… https://t.co/CyFLNGZIuR
RT @LeaundraRoss: This! Which is racist as f*ck! To actually mention the police to someone black like they're supposed to be the Boge… https://t.co/ZUmndogZVF
@RadicallySoft I’m missing the smoking gun. Are the Rockefeller’s still making money on US oil? I know they did in… https://t.co/ceSBUsrc1y
RT @BleacherReport: Twitter watching the Pats advance to the Super Bowl for the 3000th time https://t.co/qEaNNFUmb6
@braden_schwerdt @LorddRyann Brady was definitely not responsible for that win lol
RT @marcybelle424: @morethanmySLE @CenterOnBudget My brother who is mentally disabled is one of those 33%. He gets a measly $153 to la… https://t.co/slDx55RVFP
RT @SportsCenter: After the Pats' OT win, Tom Brady went out of his way to talk to @PatrickMahomes5 🙏 (via @JeffDarlington) https://t.co/yfwcR946W2
RT @akerbak13: @morethanmySLE @RedTRaccoon @CenterOnBudget 9 out of the ten poorest states in the union - red... Highest SNAP bene… https://t.co/ouaVau0eXO
Wow this whole “pats going to the super bowl again” thing is getting real fucking old #MahomieMVP
@drbouge2 @Kevin_Fong @morefluids @bramall_jon only a potentially fatal K dose mixed in w the mag. is it just me or… https://t.co/okJIoxPh1g
RT @Steelerfan6512: @morethanmySLE @sarahwhelmed @CenterOnBudget Let alone the impact to the most vulnerable children https://t.co/5lIHjHDDpF
RT @Graphicgrl: @morethanmySLE @CenterOnBudget And I will bet a large percentage are families with disabled children.
RT @Amstrix1: @morethanmySLE @CenterOnBudget It’s devistating. People will starve. Period. I’m a single disabled mom but FL think… https://t.co/xZHHvK2T9U
RT @JohnNFarrell2: @IreneGuesta @morethanmySLE @CenterOnBudget Yeah well that’s probably what will end the shutdown corporations like… https://t.co/wj54wF964x