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RT @mineifiwildout: u think young thug has taken lil baby n gunna to see incredibles 2 in IMAX yet
RT @nancy_sailstad: @gradrn2 @waltshaub @braden_rose Instead of using them for child prisons, the tents would have provided shelter to… https://t.co/FNuqXibLCt
RT @HDGMA6: @davidaxelrod @POTUS We’re not done fighting. There’s kids that needs to be reunited & their turning them away at t… https://t.co/v3C2ocZOaU
RT @BrettreLAX: @MatthewNussbaum He did it to be cruel. When he realized this might affect him at the ballot box, he switched gear… https://t.co/6QQzzbHtvI
Cristabelle Braden - Let The Sun In (Radio Edit) https://t.co/zyKev97LuO #listenlive #nowplaying
RT @jonbonghazi2: @MatthewNussbaum CALL THEM LIES, NOT FALSEHOODS!!! What is it going to take for you people?
RT @sueric61: @MatthewNussbaum Please stop calling the “Falsehoods!” They are Lies!
RT @NOW1SOLAR: @MatthewNussbaum @RedHatsofNedCo They are not falsehoods they are LIES Lies that were trying to hide evil. #EvilTrump
RT @MatthewNussbaum: Trump and his allies have been saying falsely for days that he was powerless to end the family separation policy he… https://t.co/qVKqOI33Ls
RT @AlfonsoVegaIII: @stru_ck @marinemom34 @Jeffmodzelewsk1 @FOX17Elisabeth @FOXNashville Anything and everything has comedic value, it’… https://t.co/44USxXRGBN
RT @frankthorp: LISTEN: As Pres Trump’s entourage entered Speaker Ryan’s office in the Capitol, someone on the other side of the Ca… https://t.co/YcpBeStjBK
RT @JuddLegum: I didn't think this could get any worse but I was wrong https://t.co/uMWfWVnXYs https://t.co/GfbWqlv1zl
Interview with Braden Griffiths about the 21st Betty Mitchell Awards and Theatre in Calgary https://t.co/6iNFeLKM0c
RT @cheyebar: They always ask “wyd” and not “what’s your venmo” :(
RT @GPCwallace: I'm just going to go ahead and say it now: When it's all said and done, I believe 2021 St. Thomas Aquinas OL… https://t.co/KQSV5ld2kw
RT @morethanashieId: today's tea: ╭╯ ╭╯╭╯╭╯ ╭╯ ████████████ ═╮ █twitter is now too █ | █toxic that im afraid█ | █ to tweet my… https://t.co/npIrr969JW
Happy bday bro, much love son✊🏽 @Braden_3136
RT @IUSPikes: At IUS for orientation today? Stop by the PIKE table and talk to Brothers Justin Cundiff, Tyler Stauth and Braden S… https://t.co/vMIvgNUS02
RT @JustinTrudeau: LIVE: End of spring sitting press conf. in Ottawa / DIRECT: conf. de presse – fin de session printanière à Ottawa https://t.co/ew7FozPohl