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@StevenCGann Guess Braden is taking after Lin-Manuel's son. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 https://t.co/einmAVp1hW
RT @michaelhz23: nate has a bright future behind him https://t.co/t0ClJ1qpP1
RT @SCVarsity: All Midlands Running Back Braden Walker @bradenwalker24 hurdles a Batesburg-Leesville defender in Lexington County… https://t.co/qQx4bLYpkz
RT @Veggiefact: science has proven that i aint got but two brain cells
RT @AWalkerColts: Out here at practice, #Colts showing a first-team offensive line of Le’Raven Clark (LT), Quenton Nelson (LG), Ryan… https://t.co/21XWV76PP4
Who’s tryna hang at fair tonight? HMU
RT @ianellisalfa: @Roadster_Life @Caterham_Racer @alfa_romeo From ‘Alfa Romeo Giulia History & Restoration’ by Pat Braden & Jim Weber: https://t.co/PUprEAnse9
RT @devinTsanders: Yo hoes be eating McDonald’s but don’t suck dick y’all weird
@kysa_mikaela let’s clarify this🤚🏼 it didn’t poop on my head💩 it pooped right next to my head and thank god it didn’t touch me😩
Having “hoes” is dead.. I’m just trying to vibe with one person
Maclean should add those Trumpian commentaries like “This is false” on Scheer’s statements. Because it is false.… https://t.co/Orf3tx3lMd
RT @mineifiwildout: there is no bigger flex than being a full adult n owning a fucking dirt bike
GTB- When you have a Wii and all you could play is black ops 1- you get really fucking good
RT @WestABoysSoccer: @WestABoysSoccer fearless Seniors. They came into their Freshman camp nervous young kids, and now enter their Senio… https://t.co/JqYTSAHbXd
RT @SeqCoBaseball: @Lawson_Braden @barrettlawson34 That must have been the last nuke you ever hit.!
RT @TrueWestMag: A Hero on his Last Run A stagecoach driver gave his life for others. https://t.co/Bk1H95f40J https://t.co/4YIn9PBJwI
RT @maryalicehaz: bad habit of mine: going to look @ things that I KNOW will hurt my feelings... like why do I do this ??? lololz
@AWalkerColts Is it safe to say Braden Smith is to talented to just sit with the 2nd team because of our guard situ… https://t.co/mD3adILWDR
RT @Yadira63506629: Travel. Your money will return. Your time won’t .