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RT @SquawkaNews: Daley Blind on Danny Blind: "We worked at the highest level, a dream us as father and son. Its not always been easy… https://t.co/Tw4Z64gdKV
amy got me moved away from her today in class.... twice.... in 40 minutes
@PlayStation does the PS4 Pro play blu-ray movies, somebody please let me know.
https://t.co/Z2naOP7OmW - Думаю что у каждого из нас замирает сердце, когда на мобильном играет мелодия звонка любимого человека...
@Daley_Kong @CuriousCatMe Think that is Mass Effect or Ghost Recon: Wildlands
@daley_parking Would you like us to correspond with you? If so please could you DM your address and contact details. Completely optional.
RT @alan_squier: Cleveland Browns: "We want you to play for us when you get reinstated." Josh Gordon: "Release me." Cleveland Browns… https://t.co/K2CIrpyWBF
RT @SInow: Josh Gordon is looking ripped. 'Who gon' stop me, huh? 👑' https://t.co/G9HXzah6f1 https://t.co/JSwqR2T3U8
RT @SDewey24: The day after a game winning shot in the elite 8 Luke Maye is at his 8am class. Meanwhile, Lonzo Ball is on First Take...
NRL: Dropping Shaun Johnson might work - Laurie Daley: NSW coach Laurie Daley believes his Warriors counterpart…… https://t.co/BL5S3qosHY
@daley_parking Sorry to hear that. I will raise an enquiry with our local maintenance team to get that sorted out as soon as possible. Drew
RT @soIute: there’s a difference between somebody who wants you and somebody who would do anything to keep you. remember that.
NRL: Dropping Shaun Johnson might work - Laurie Daley https://t.co/sxUNSe6XrB (Sport) #newzealand #nznews
RT @ManUtdNewsToday: Manchester United star Daley Blind posts touching message after father is sacked as Holland manager [Metro] #mufc https://t.co/wYKMVgs5ZR
RT @lustandIove: i care too much for others. if they're sad, i'll be there. but then when i'm sad, it seems like no one is really around to help me out.
RT @101greatgoals: Daley Blind posts IG tribute to his Dad Danny after Holland sacking https://t.co/vFLcrXF6Ko https://t.co/U3yqYrQ7nh
RT @bIessly: not selfish just looking out for myself
RT @Shana3121: .@DALEYmusic invite la talentueuse @missjillscott sur son nouveau single « Until The Pain Is Gone » 💘#rnb #soul #RT… https://t.co/LI7K1LVkJA
@wpduk You did works outside of 15 Ribblesdale Rd NG5 3GY weeks ago. Look at the state of the grass verge you have… https://t.co/XePD3l5sP4
У одной пчелы был очень маленький костюмчик и ей жало жало
RT @madi_rae18: All I do anymore is sit at home lmao
@Carissa_Lynn18 I bought 5 eyeshadow palettes, and I'm not even ashamed😂😂