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#newsnight Anyone share a strong desire to become a Dalek!
Charity shop find of the week: the 1968 TV Comic Annual. That green and yellow Dalek’s a bit of a looker. https://t.co/rTYb6cRheD
RT @axebra: Mi enhorabuena a los premiados https://t.co/ojJ7PSRXRh
A ver si esto sirve para que dejen de darle pábulo en el festival progre de la sexta. Aunque capaz es de ponerse a… https://t.co/qZy1BbitVr
RT @Aquel_Coche: Josef Ajram recomienda apostar por el Laser Disc.
RT @LTGarlic: Josef Ajram te dice que el futuro es el monorrail
RT @eljueves: Uno usó sus frases pomposas para engañar a la gente. El otro fue un dictador. ¿Sabrás distinguirlos? TEST: ¿Frase d… https://t.co/SbcBgnmAur
@RefinedMicrobe Weird thing is I remember reading that only Dalek and maybe Cybermen have a boast in sales and no o… https://t.co/s1FsA36S10
RT @doctor_12th: @DrWhoTimenspace Couldn't decide on just the one story - so I picked out these 3 > Dalek Army of ghosts/Doomsday Into the dalek
RT @DrWhoTimenspace: What is your favourite nu who dalek story? Dalek Bad wolf/Parting of the ways Army of ghosts/Doomsday Daleks in Ma… https://t.co/aThwLcIN9D
RT @playdtf: Сегодня интернет весь день шутит над некомпетентностью «эксперта», говорившего на радио про зловещую «Доку 2». Об… https://t.co/i6B0IkCf48
RT @kcadventurers: The Doctor and Ian do science 🧪😀 #doctorwho (First Doctor era quote of the day- The Dalek Invasion of Earth') https://t.co/hOc7qJfNpP
@LilAnkhh What makes even less sense is that the Doctor heard her speak with a human voice but in Witches Familiar, she had a Dalek one
余は今や、ダーレクを統べる神!! 《皇帝》
@JagexKieren Gorgeous! Not a bad cathedral either 😂
@Leanne_Wells Nice Dalek, by the way! 😉
RT @cuentametve: Inés se niega a que su hijo crezca cosificando el cuerpo de la mujer #CuéntameMujer @lab_rtvees… https://t.co/pq7u07ZakA
RT @cuentametve: Porque "ayuda" ya no es la palabra adecuada. Las tareas son algo de los dos. Y tú, ¿te sientes identificada con Kar… https://t.co/tisIX1s8yr
RT @Pete_the_paint: I know I said I was going to start my big Gundam but when I went down to the Pete Cave I caught sight of my shelf o… https://t.co/66MzOWrd2F
Разработчики игр которые дают поставить игру на паузу во время катсцены попадают в рай без очереди.
RT @mikefatkin: So many more deserving cases... Basil Brush, the Krays, Dracula, Hannibal Lecter, Moriarty, David Icke, Shere Khan,… https://t.co/ve5ak2vYub
Gisselle Padilla 🤣 Dalek would never let that happen! https://t.co/lA2YFTccg5
RT @beir_bua: O el diputado laborista del ala conservadora anti-Corbyn, Chuka Umunna, que dice que el partido es "institucionalme… https://t.co/mHhKG4I1Xn