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I'm getting real tired of these fresh off of Tumblr looking like you grow daisies girls saying they're ugly. Like?You know damn well u cute?
Até a trilha sonora é Pushing Daisies-ish. Que bom que usaram esse estilo pra adaptação porque ficou perfeito.
RT @BBCPropaganda: We didn't have strawberries before we joined the EEC. https://t.co/IZc3mDJ03c
Bruh Why inchworm gerbera daisies are wheat pickering is not lit and so on
A série GRITA Pushing Daisies no visual e também na forma com que os diálogos são falados. A narração então...
RT @Queen_K_Glam: Purple daisies ang #KissWard Meant to be talaga sila ,kakakilig ❤️
Olhaí, o diretor de Pushing Daisies que dirigiu Desventuras em Série. Eu sabia que não podia ser só uma coincidência.
You gave me roses but never bothered to ask if I liked daisies https://t.co/pnwHa6gOSS
RT @OBJewellery: cluster 7 ss daisies varied sizes w 14ct gd.Made to order #beautiful #jeweller #jewellery #bespoke #sterlingsilver https://t.co/BrPs7Jjcye
I really don't get it...
Roses are red daisies are palevioletred sugar is sweet and so on
Noses , wild blue yonder daisies are maroon sugar is sweet and so on
Out with the Old ~ In With the New ~ End of Season Blowout Sale https://t.co/fhjTo3KfHc https://t.co/JLSc1Jd8D8
finally starting a series of unfortunate events kind of loving this pushing daisies style horrible sfx thing going on
@boho_daisies She wasnt an emergency patient Emergencies happen, fair enough. Its the 'health tourism' they need to sort
@dearaunty Ideally, but once they arrive as an emergency it's too late & they have to treat. Perhaps a ban on 6mths + pregnant women flying?
injects wild blue yonder daisies FUCKING SUCK COCK medium spring green Vegans doesn't
@boho_daisies Cost us money to do that - simple check on id would be cheaper
deplorable stupid fucking shits of the needs to go push daisies electoral college. They see and yet don't see. Hear and yet don't hear.