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RT @pipkent: Fell for this plant - leucanthemalla serotina - at Beth Chatto's. A nice change from all those yellow daisies. https://t.co/MIl8nmXn2s
RT @judyannewolff: A beautiful bouquet ... lilies, asters,gerbera daisies and lisianthus 🌸🌿💖🌱🌹🍃🌼🌿🌺🌱🌷🍃🌾🌿🥀🌱🌻🍃 ..... 💐💐… https://t.co/lFUO4nzX3C
Roses are white daisies are mediumslateblue water is yucky, and so on.
Biscuits farts smell like daisies... . In the middle of a pile is shit! 🤨
Check out this framed print on https://t.co/24BHkDqXMb! https://t.co/CgVQCfRMv8 DAISIES IN ANTIQUE WATERING CAN… https://t.co/bLoSPuqhwT
Noses are goldenrod gerbera daisies are paleturquoise sweet stuff is sweet and so on
Mano Me tira qualquer um menos meu amor Alex https://t.co/BVdygbLBXE
A final one for tonight beautiful #snowdrops in the #cemetery need to change the saying pushing up the #daisieshttps://t.co/ec0JcTR6Hg
Noses are red daisies are chocolate sugar is sweet and so on
@ValeLadiesRugby I bet you smell fresh as daisies 💐, perfect. Love the smiles 😃
RT @HistoryofColour: 🎨 "Bouquet of Gladiolas, Lilies and Daisies", 1878 Oscar-Claude Monet (#Frech, 1840-1926) oil on canvas; 83 x 65 c… https://t.co/EI1yGlvYHB
We can live beside the ocean
Hoses ... peach gerbera daisies are slategray ; is sweet and so on
Hoses are eggplant gerbera daisies are mediumpurple everything nice is lovely and so on
Roses are robin's egg blue daisies are sandybrown sugar is sweet and so on
RT @da_nd_e_lion: Daisies, Red Deadnettle and Grounsel - 16.01.17 - Colney, Norfolk #wildflowerhour @BSBIbotany https://t.co/0TegwHRB7Z
Daisies, Red Deadnettle and Grounsel - 16.01.17 - Colney, Norfolk #wildflowerhour @BSBIbotany https://t.co/0TegwHRB7Z
RT @StevenEdginton: High up Labour official endorsing 'Jewish conspiracies' tweet and you tell me Labour dont have an anti-Semitism pro… https://t.co/clBeAcDP5k
RT @joerichlaw: @Jenksy Has Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn surprised everyone again by choosing his close friend, Cuba Solidarity Camp… https://t.co/uVjjTUVQXQ
RT @spikedonline: It says a lot about Western progressives that they got more excited about the Women’s March this weekend, featuring… https://t.co/pwDVqhFH00
RT @melindiscott: Imagine that a conversation about the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer & lynching a woman MP is even a thing? A t… https://t.co/FZ0jkErt8s
RT @allisonargented: 8. ned the piemaker (pushing daisies) - "people like you, us, with strange hobbies, talents, gifts try to hide it b… https://t.co/kZiFikgGNl