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RT @BigChonis: $ADA - continues higher as EMA26 support holds for a second time when tested on this run on the daily chart ... kee… https://t.co/lEmzu6vX7f
@abbie_jalene Nice double play in the Daily American today Abbie! Very proud of you. Regards to Emily Rosenberger f… https://t.co/W0ifAuIwzD
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That's the life, we have to face it and come back with double energy. I am sure I will do also. Now I am taking res… https://t.co/diDnSsJPui
RT @DoubleJabABC: The Prime Minister honourer the inspiring work of our head coach Mike, who has been transforming the lives of young… https://t.co/H1MWO1XXtv
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Masdar To Double Its Clean Energy Portfolio — 8 Gigawatts Within 5 Years https://t.co/P18YuiMpmC #wuwei #today #best #news #daily #feed
5 Minute Daily Routine To Double Your Productivity In Your Home Business https://t.co/81mfM3Vev4 homebusiness https://t.co/PoSsMLSD4w
Double Quick Armed Robber Sentenced to 20 Years – Delta Daily News https://t.co/aTe2UXnzEE https://t.co/P1dRIczBWa
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Kirsten Gillibrand is hitting the television daily double this week. https://t.co/UCacCvFPt3
RT @BenMunene: @Daily_Express Not to compare two evils but I didn't see such a tweet during the Paris attack last year! Ask how th… https://t.co/ZfC4ez3lrQ
RT @Brunombalwe: @Daily_Express When there was a terrorist attack in Manchester did you give a travel advisory?double standards just because its africa
RT @LVGolfInsider: Play two Vegas gems @CascataGolf and @RioSecco for one price now. Both designed by U.S. Open Doctor Rees Jones. Rio… https://t.co/OLw5IQswOs
RT @CoppaFeelPeople: You probably knew it already, but this is your daily reminder that the power is in your hands. #TrustYourTouch - yo… https://t.co/P6EtVgs3PG
@JuddLegum True daily double... Who is Tucker Carlson?
Have ya'll ever lugged about double G hefty-ass titties?? Daily. Every single day of your life? Do you know how muc… https://t.co/1Ui2aAVouQ
@TrendMicro Magecart has become something of a household name over recent months, thanks to its role in high-profil… https://t.co/3KfKmA1mWH
RT @ItsMooseCraft: Still doing daily Life of Moose videos! #MooseArmy #CantStopWontStop Some days we might miss a video due to techn… https://t.co/CR7awl4NmF
A double header on The Daily Boogie today as on this Thumpin’ Thursday not only do we have my Featured Artists for… https://t.co/hX45SbYjyJ
A double header on The Daily Boogie today as on this Thumpin’ Thursday not only do we have my Featured Artists for… https://t.co/TyWbIktcou
@edinhelp @Alex4Craig_Dudd Here we are again. Same van on same double yellow lines at junction of loganlea gardens… https://t.co/0jD7GqTdC1
We introduced a new tip yesterday... The E/W tip 🏇🏽 It placed yesterday at 10/1 😍 See todays HERE 👇🏼 https://t.co/zXDHZFXwoK 18+