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Aylin and I were hungry af, we ending up trying Daglas and IT WAS SO FUCKING GOOD
RT @FacuuGonzaleez1: Acá con mi amigo daglas 👌
Acá con mi amigo daglas 👌
How Musician Diamond was Frustrated in Nairobi After Meru Performance https://t.co/lP0IUtSjw9 via @Kenyans
Ghafla! Exclusive: This Is How Much Diamond Was Paid To Perform In Meru On Saturday https://t.co/GFFmVWiSXQ
@moniqueangelyn wow! so you can speak better swahili than i do? I'm loving your show with @OtileBrown #Rj
@Hot_96Kenya @moniqueangelyn mwambie @OtileBrown aimbe "alivyonipenda" before he leaves #Rj
RT @njoki_njugunah: #WomenAreGreatBecause we're emotional sensual beings.. With passion
RT @JBulenga: #WomenAreGreatBecause amidst the gender inequality issues and discussion still they live and eat with dumb heads who support inequality 😏
@AKenyanVoice I'm a great fan of our local songs #BuyKEmusic
#WomenAreGreatBecause no matter how bad their children are they will still stand for them
RT @jacquelke: #WomenAreGreatBecause they can control the mood in a home with a natural remote control
RT @Am_Aladeen: #WomenAreGreatBecause waneza danganya who is the dad of her kids hata kama unaona ni ya mtu tofauti https://t.co/mpEejAuI1A
RT @dianah_awino: #WomenAreGreatBecause not matter how many children they have they'll make sure no one sleeps hungry . https://t.co/ufy3JzNlp7
marry who understands that you need to be alone sometimes #Quote
Los Angeles police arrest @chisbrown on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon