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RT @Bxbby_S: Suck ur dads dog, u watch gossip girl I'm not explaining to no flowerboy😂😂😂😂
RT @RedAlert: Donald Jr. tried to justify his dad’s behavior — but it’s not good enough for this woman vi…
My dads, girlfriends kid is attempting to play football and my dad keeps calling him Bobby Boucher 😂😂
RT @ashley1styles1: Hilarious Parenting ‘Tips’ From Moms and Dads Who’ve Been There
i'm at my dads work and he left the keys in the golf cart im about to peel out.
What's the biggest & smallest dick sizes uv ever seen? — Yours and your Dads
RT @Avstvn: When white dads answer the phone
@MikeCrapo @KellyAyotte @SenatorBurr America's Moms and Dads will let you know what they think about your Trump endorsement.
RT @mollysimmonds_: My dads so funny I can't deal
@Doctor_Caring @LegoHannibal Xander smiles softly as he lifts his head. "No, but dads do, don't they?"
You know those weird dads in SMBC that run messed up psych experiments on their kids Imagine having two of those
@ladygaga Flipping pancakes and dancing around to #JOANNE on my dads old stereo. Sounds great! 🤘💗
RT @oxfordbabycafes: We need your help to win Aviva Community Funding! Please VOTE and SHARE, dads, grandads, uncles and brothers too…
RT @SkyNews: Writer of Dad's Army and Hi-de-Hi! #JimmyPerry dies, aged 93
@kneenuhhhhh @duh_cica tell me why this is really our dads 😭😭😂😂😂😂😂
Having my dads best friend around makes me whole again
RT @ashley1styles1: Hilarious Parenting ‘Tips’ From Moms and Dads Who’ve Been There
#ImSoOtaku my aunties cousins friends dads uncles sisters cousins internet friend went to japan so that basically means i am 100% japanese
I just ate my dads edible and I didn't even know about was good tho LMAOO
ok i rlly want to get along with my dads girlfriend but lately i rlly want to fight the girl🙂