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Dads still gonna buy me wine so I can drink it with aaron after work 👌👌🤗
RT @fouseyTUBE: in other news, my dads favorite part about lion king. 😭
Best roasted potatoes, Dads take on glased carrots and game with bacon. #delicious #christmascookbook #2ofmany
dads_0 حياك الله .. للمفوتر 50 ولمسق الدفع 30 ريال وشكرا لك..نواف
RT @yiikesitsme: I'll only give U it, if u got the keys to your dads yellow hummer. 😌✨
Dads v Lads this morning at Little Dribbler. The Lads won on pens. Well done to our Captains of the Week Michael, E…
Dad’s Method Of Punishing 10-Year-Old Daughter Quickly Goes Viral #News #World #Media
@TCUWhiteTrash Shit, I'm getting old! Ki and the gang! We hung out in Dick's basement bar and drank bad booze left over from his dads elec!
RT @VictionaryHD: Shake hooping with a bunch of stay at home dads im ded
RT @workwthecoach: I truly never learned what the words I miss your were until I reached for my dads hand and it wasn't there 😢 Happy Birthday 🎁 RIP 🙏🏾👼🏾
Just finished a hard 7 hour graft of chillin at work and my dads wants me to hunt Merryhill for a can of Diet Coke cus Pepsi won't do
RT @AcaciaBrinley: Just momma and belly, signing Christmas cards while dads out running errands. ❤️🎅🏻
@Beavs the internet has come to love the boundless enthusiasm and excitement inherent to dads
RT @USATODAY: Positivity is certainly contagious:
RT @comickergirl: Some of the DCTV dads and their rambunctious superhero children
@aoifetaylor_ my dads left me and I need to learn one more para for my Spanish so I only have 3 to learn tomorrow
RT @WhiteBballPains: Dads trying to teach their son how to play basketball be like
Me and my dads relationship is basically just sending snapchat selfies to eachother with every filter
RT @K_Cohen9: Happy birthday to my dads favorite child @kevineasley__34 😏 love you lil Kev
@emmismall your dads text is killing me!😂😂😂
RT @fouseyTUBE: in other news, my dads favorite part about lion king. 😭
i found my dads old concert tickets n theyre p cool