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RT @jinkistar: Minho the child with two embarrassing dads Jinki and Jonghyun
Good advice for all men, not just MP-dads!
RT @LeedsDads: #Leeds Dads MeetUp this Sun 18 Sept 10am-12, Little Bees Soft Play, Limewood Road LS14 1LU
@n_manzanera haha good, yeah dads was born in North Queensland. So it's always been his team of choice haha
@digbette I don't know what she's bothered by that is the best idea for a gravestone, second only to my dads request for "told ya so."
You might be at college but at home dads rules still apply young lady
That's why I have an obsession with punk dads wonder
5am & I just remembered that when I was 12 I was obsessed with this documentary called "the other f word" and it's literally about punk dads
RT @samanthamaiden: Pauline Hanson says we will continue to see murders caused by Family Court system because Dads are just really frustrated.
RT @ParentNationRad: Oops... I did it again! I riled up parents. Whose side are you on? #moms #dads #parenting
RT @HillaryClinton: For millions of moms and dads, if they get sick, they’re on their own. There’s no backup.
When you give a boy ur dads number so they can text 😩👌🙌 @itstrinityann
No one likes me I'm deactivating when I go to my dads
@mrsalexislloyd @MillenniumLib Think you might mean DVDs rather than dads! 😀
Think it's hilarious how since my dads died none of his family have bothered with me
My dads coming home soon and he has my svt special edition
RT @DrLauraKing: Great to chat to @StephenJardine on @BBCRadioScot about dads & childbirth! There's more in my article: (it's free!)
RT @mutablejoe: *all the dads in unison* well, the lawn needed it
10/10 for my dads improvisation on an anniversary present that he hadn't bought or ordered😂
RT @mutablejoe: *all the dads in unison* well, the lawn needed it
´Mothershp'-app to organize your parenting (dads can use it too)! Need parenting help?
@ValleyAllBlack Yes ... me! 😂 It's a lads vs Muns/Dads game! I played last year too. Loved it 😊