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I haven't played my PS4 since like November 2015 geez I need to step up
Cyprus - AEK Larnaca lift Cup trophy
I'm at Backwood XLive Performance Hall in Girne, cyprus
RT @CyprusRT: Searching for the Lost City of Copper in #Cyprus #history #archaeology via @NatGeo
@cyprusduane hahahaja cyprus appreciation day po haahahaj
RT @vip_cyp: "Ελα να βάψουμε τον Kόσμο - Let's paint the World" Old City Centre - Limassol OUR #Cyprus CansuÇ
@CNNPolitics so should Wilbur Ross on his role with Crooked Bank of Cyprus - Russian ties - Trump Associates $$$$
Κυπριακό, διμερείς σχέσεις και ενεργειακά συζήτησε ο Χριστοδουλίδης με Αμερικανούς αξιωματούχους…
RT @LobbyforCyprus: Pls note error @BBC_CurrAff: occupied #Cyprus not part of Turkey @simon_reeve @BBCTwo @BBCThisWorld @nigelsleftboot…
RT @TheEconomist: We talk to people on both sides of Europe's longest frozen conflict—Cyprus. VIDEO
Δείπνο στο ψευδοπροεδρικο. Back to talks on Cyprus - YUSUF KANLI via @HDNER
RT @philipkennedy: The four greatest €2 coins: 1. Lil Crucifix Dude (Cyprus) 2. Epic Bird Dude (Germany) 3. Dude on Horse (Lithuania)…
RT @TheEconomist: Will there ever be a resolution in Cyprus?
Interior Secretary Zinke is a Roosevelt fanboy. So does that mean he won’t trash the place? - - #green #cyprus -
Local hand made lace in Omodos Village, Cyprus #Cyprus
Limassol roadworks uncover mediaeval building - Cyprus Mail
RT @TheEconomist: Will there ever be a resolution in Cyprus?
Στον Μιχάλη Χριστοδουλίδη το μεγάλο βραβείο του ΘΟΚ #cyprus
RT @Dr_Theodora: Why should #Cyprus pay for the forced displacement of Greek Cypriots by criminal #Turkey? @LobbyforCyprus