Sometimes you get stuck in the rinse & repeat cycle when you should just do a quick wash & get out. Hmmm laundry analogies.
It's about time to change the cycle
It's not you, I call everyone New Cycle
This is a patriarchal cabinet and president.They will ignore us. But the next election cycle we will remember and t…
RT @TheMetalCore: For Today feat. Matty Mullins // Break The Cycle
RT @Purusharth6: @mahesh10816 EC grants the CYCLE to SON, Dad loses symbol,& SON comes to DAD for blessings! kya NAATAK hai yaar! bewakoof samaj rakha sabko?
RT @Sojourners: “The death penalty has nothing to do with the healing of the victim family. It continues the cycle of violence.”
@RMoeJo It's a vicious cycle. The question is where in that vicious cycle best rewards intervention.
@_catcreature @MNightShyamalan I think this election cycle proved beyond doubt that they don't.
Life cycle assessments haveefound that current food prjduction:& consumption patterns are u sustainable.
RT @TDub_Gaming: I liked a @YouTube video from @GamingEthos The Call Of Duty Cycle
RT @IISuperwomanII: My life is a constant cycle of being exhausted but still agreeing to do more things.
@savethejonahs @@radleybalko Just like the conservatives now care about the debt (the big govt cycle continues)
Watch An Engine Combustion Cycle Through A Glass Head via @CarThrottle
Their captive habitat should have a light cycle with 11-12 hours of daylight. #RedeyedTreefrog
To open up to others. Especially those interested in you. And you just. Can't. It's ironic as fuck. This cycle. A relay of unrequited love.
@POTUS Just saw today a posting in news cycle that a treatment showed signs of remission of aids. Within reach indeed.
RT @Y_U_FollowingMe: @1BenjiBobby Girls know what I mean ... we become EXTRA Horny when we on our cycle that's things we crave 😂😂
Because it's our money that they are spending on trash that will cause them health problems that we will have 2pay…
RT @tylercreighton: .@SenatorTimScott speaking now at #DeVosHearing. The DeVos family has donated $50k to him in last 3 years.…
RT @tylercreighton: .@SenatorTimScott speaking now at #DeVosHearing. The DeVos family has donated $50k to him in last 3 years.…
RT @Mitalishah121: अब ये अफवाह कौन फैला रहा है शिवपाल को निपटाने के लिए मुलायम ने चुनाव आयोग को, अपने पक्ष से कमजोर दावा ठोका। जिससे Cycle अखिलेश को ही मिले। 😮
Gordon: There's a cycle of poverty and climate change in our country, so dapat paghandaan ito ng husto
@averystrand96 @_2chanz nah it's just a slow tweet cycle when u post something
media class: a cycle of me having bitch face during opinionated discussions & awkward eye contact w/ my prof whenever he brings up blogging