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@pattonoswalt @kathleenhanna Looks like she's modeling a rad '70s-era spacepunk/cyborg superheroine costume design.…
RT @DCEUMX: Evolución del CGI de Cyborg en #JusticeLeague.
@bobbyFbrewster Same. I'm not a fan of how Cyborg looks at the minute, but I'm just putting that down to bad editing
RT @Xenosynth: CW: Blood I wish there was more Cyber City Oedo because it's all cyberhorror and I love it for that? Evil AI, Cybo…
@billysastard1 @RetroBoyJon @SNUKgaming @VariedDeadBeat @swooper_d @TFIRetro @GBurslem @seafury10 @Malchedael_67…
RT @_gabrielpicolo: Happy Valentine's! (Cyborg is me on a spiritual level)
@posweg Para dar las semanas que quiero de vacaciones. El manga es el de cyborg kurochan solo se encuentra en francés o japonés.
I was violated of a woman cyborg in style of chackras. I m the harmony. Feel the truth.
RT @grubbygrouperr: Cyborg Gatsby
RT @iainkidd: Seriously, whoever runs Cyborg's social media is completely incompetent. Consistently making her look absolutely terrible.
@TheAlphaJayShow @MarsReviews For me, Raven’s the best, Starfire’s pretty good, Robin’s hit or miss, and Cyborg and…
We HAVE to support Ryan. Ugh... I'm just wondering about Cyborg. Will Ray be in it??
RT @BotmunTweets: Cyborg looks so cute ! 😅
Beast Boy with no cyborg realization kicking back in
RT @TheNerdRagePod: We're All In for this new Justice League poster! #JusticeLeague #Aquaman #WonderWoman #Cyborg #TheFlash
@FiImFeed Not a fan of the poster, but still psyched for the movie! #JusticeLeague #Batman #WonderWoman #Aquaman #Flash #Cyborg
RT @vscotttheauthor: Cover & Blurb Reveal! Hunted by the Cyborg (Cy-Ops Sci-fi Romance 6) #cyborg #ScifiRom via @CaraBristol
Heard from impeccable source, apparently real Antonio Conte died during his hair transplant, this being masquerading as him now is a cyborg
@verybatwoman @dinhlance titans olarak kimler var acaba umarım cyborg olmaz
@Cyborg_Bash هههههه ان شاء الله
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