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Wind 0.0 mph NNE. Barometer 30.087 in, Steady. Temperature 63.2 °F. Rain today 0.30 in. Humidity 97%
RT @annalapwood: A beautifully zen afternoon listening to the rain and practising Rachmaninov ahead of performing on @BBCInTune with…
Weather 9/24/2018 6:15 AM: 73.6F 95% humidity 29.812inHg Wind ESE/0.00mph Rain today 0.00in
Wind 0.7 mph NE. Barometer 30.12 in, Falling slowly. Temperature 55.6 °F. Rain today 0.00 in. Humidity 90%
Wind 5.5 mph NNW. Barometer 1032.8 mb, Rising slowly. Temperature 13.6 °C. Rain today 0.0 mm. Humidity 46%
Forecast: Fine weather Wind: 2 km/h SSE Temp: 11.0 C Pres: 1010.1 hpa Rising slowly Rain: 0.0mm Humd: 87%
@LilyCrue Plus the rain makes my osteoarthritis and spine fractures hurt more. Storms can also trigger migraines f…
a day without you it’s like a year without rain!!
RT @oosakazuki_mika: 9/27(木)は、川口キャバリーノさんにて、Sunray in Rainライブです(o^^o) 出番は19:40から。 ご予約お待ちしてますー!
Time 03:14AM Temp 50.2°F WC 50.2°F Hum 63﹪ Winds SSE 0.0 to 4.0mph Rain 0.00in Baro 30.10inHg
Weather 9/24/2018 4:15 AM: 58.5F 38% humidity 29.802inHg Wind NW/0.00mph Rain today 0.00in
Wind 0,0 kts ---. Barometer 1017,3 hPa, Rising slowly. Temperature 14,8 °C. Rain today 0,0 mm. Humidity 94%
Wind 0,0 km/h ---. Barometer 1020,1 mb, Rising slowly. Temperature 26,4 °C. Rain today 0,0 mm. Humidity 65%
#chswx: 84° | Scattered Thunderstorms | 60% chance of rain Temp: 10.8°C Wind:0.7mph Pressure: 1035.9mb Rising Rain Today 0.3mm Hum 99% Fc: Settled fine
06:14h Temperature: 81.7°F, Wind:0.0 mph ENE, Rain Rate:0.0 in./hr.
Weather in Harrisburg, NC Fog possible and comfortable with no wind Temperature 65.5F Humidity 99% Wind NE 0.00 MPH Rain Today 0.00
Wind 8.0 mph WSW. Barometer 1036.4 hPa, Rising. Temperature 11.4 °C. Rain today 0.0 mm. Humidity 40%
RT @Iari0a: 息子「ねえ父さん」 父親「なんだ?」 息子「なんでオタクにキモいって言っちゃダメなの?」 父親「それはな」 息子「うん」 父親「誰だってキモいって言われたら傷つくだろ?」 息子「うん」 父親「それだけの話だ。別にオタクとかは関係ない」 息子「あ、そっか…」
@Rain_syumiaka L判ですか?2L判ですか?? 教えてくれるとうれしいです、、(><)
Temp: 12.6°C Falling; RH: 89%; Wind: --- 0km/h (F0); BP: 1031.0hpa Rising slowly; Rain 2day: 0.0mm; Cloud Base: 220 m Hi/Lo Temp: 19.0/12.6°
RT @Marna_Geedee: My weekend - a mix of rain and sun, but an inspiring one😊 I hope yours went well🌸 Have a great new day and new wee…
RT @slkendall3: So glad we organised this, even the rain didn’t stop our juniors! #hockey #hockeyfamily #hockeyfun #inspiration
RT @MondliXL: Imagine having sex in the rain Then thunder strikes both of you Then y'all go to hell and have fire sex
突発性難聴って完治するの?? 治る気しないよ?? もうやなんだけど?? ねぇ??