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@gotvitaminc: Curb Your Enthusiasm - Smile!” Larry is my spirit animal.
@LLPaulB also curb your enthusiasm is great for comedy.
@DinosaurDracula Benadryl brownie. It worked in Curb Your Enthusiasm!
@GailSimone how about rob schneider's version of curb your enthusiasm?
I 100% would have already posted a vine of the Thomas verdict overlaid with CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM’s theme but my hotel wifi is a catastrophe.
The decision to televise the verdict was made for every verdict to have the CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM theme overlaid.
brief snatches of the CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM theme can be heard all day when doors to the Law Courts bldg are opened
RT @MeetMeAtTapps: [curb your enthusiasm theme starts playing]
I don't like to generalize like this but on some real ish it's not likely I'll get along with someone who doesn't like Curb Your Enthusiasm
My boyfriend's making us late night quesadillas while I watch Curb Your Enthusiasm. So yes, simple dreams do come true. #blessed
curb your enthusiasm and chill?
@CurrenSy_Spitta watching curb your enthusiasm
RT @Seinfeld2000: what if curb your enthusiasm still on tv?
RT @Seinfeld2000: what if curb your enthusiasm still on tv?
@JeffreyBridges I also have to watch some Curb Your Enthusiasm so I thought you should know
RT @Seinfeld2000: what if curb your enthusiasm still on tv?
It's amazing how the background music to Boardwalk Empire and Curb Your Enthusiasm are so similar.
Chevron attempts to enter Unist'ot'en Camp Curb Your Enthusiasm Edit
curb your enthusiasm betch
Downtown real estate agent's candid (?) photo. She looks like "Curb Your Enthusiasm" theme is playing in her head
Curb Your Enthusiasm did it first but this is still great...Let's Go Mets!
The @buffalobills fight song should be the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme @jimrome #TNF #BillsMafia #jetsvsbills