cultura do kerniano.

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RT @HighSunn: send me clips of yourself dancing/crying/throwing up/whatever so i can use it in a music video
"How Pharrell Williams Created a $100 Million Empire (and We're Not Just Talking About Music)" #inc #businessadvic
RT @WhennBoys: When he cute, loyal, texts back in 2 seconds, likes the same music as u, and puts up with ur mood swings and attitu…
RT @emersseu: Vcs já perceberam que a música 'baba baby' trata-se de um kra q agiu certo perante a sociedade e foi zoado por não ser pedófilo na ocasião?
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Green Day - Still Breathing (Official Music Video)
RT @natalie_mu: 島ゆいか&飯田來麗のスピカの夜、新作ミニアルバム発売
How Pharrell Williams Created a $100 Million Empire (and We're Not Just Talking About Music) #Leadership
Além dessa música ser uma das, se não a favorita dela, ela conta umas histórias legais da época dos bailes dos anos 70
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RT @CProcks_: yeah I listen to trap music: T- Toto - Africa R- Respect the song Africa by Toto A - Africa by Toto P- Play Africa by Toto
RT @plz_streaming: 쇼티어워드에 아시아 유일 후보로 올랐다고 합니다 한계정으로 하루에 한표 투표가 가능하니 트위터, 페이스북 계정으로 하루에 한표씩 꼭 투표해주세요
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Shinedown - Sound Of Madness [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]
RT @natalie_mu: 島ゆいか&飯田來麗のスピカの夜、新作ミニアルバム発売
tamad naku mag review
@shekhsalem I don't agree to stand up on Anthem played before movies and we should have choice whether to sit or stand @zairawasim
@wearetheocean are awesome and their music encouraged me to take my band on tour! #FarewellTour
I liked a @YouTube video from @Rapha_Nuti Rihanna - Love On The Brain (Music Video)
RT @LittleMix: #ShoutOutToMyEx live from @CapitalOfficial's Jingle Bell Ball 🎤 Could these four ladies be any fiercer?…
RT @lanacionmas: ¡Arriba, con muuchas pilas! 💪 @hernancaire se despierta a las 3 de la tarde con música y desayuna cereales, frutas…
RT @anpom_princess: 蒼ちゃん(@xxno_jmp )との寸劇コラボを気に入ってくれた信者のひとり 魔性の女あす姉(@_Asune_CAS )から、蒼ちゃんを超える拍手の連打が届きました← みんな蒼ちゃんのこと好きね❤️笑 話題の寸劇コラボはコチラ…
my uncle always play loud music and keeps his door open so im trying to playe even louder music to bother him so he closes his door