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RT @tyler_b____: 7am Kid Cudi on shuffle
Kid Cudi's verse on first chain goes hard af
RT @Babylonian: 25. if nothing else, please remember me for this one very stupid Kid Cudi joke
By Design | Kid Cudi 😎
If Cudi isn't nominated for a Grammy next year the industry is tripping
RT @Webster__Dawson: Kid Cudi's hums are untouchable
Kid Cudi - Trapped in My Mind
I just wanna cop Cudi's sound
RT @TheCIassicJams: Kid Cudi - Pursuit Of Happiness ft. MGMT
RT @SB_TrapMogul: What's wild to me is that all the people dragging Kanye talking about how he's crazy were on here mad Drake dissed "Cudi's mental health"
RT @artsydreamboy: i wonder how kid cudi is doing
Kid cudi - Rose Golden
Kid Cudi ft Andre 3000 - By Design
RT @RodriguezThaGod: Kid Cudi: Hmmmmmmmmmm yeaaaaaahhh HmmmmmHmhMmmmmmm Kid Cudi fans:
Can't talk to him if he don't love Kid Cudi
RT @TrapHouseFu: if kid cudi humming doesn't get played at my funeral i ain't dying
The prayer by Kid Cudi will always be that song.
RT @CauseWereGuys: Dec 2nd- Gambino Album Dec 3rd- Drake Album Dec 9th- J.Cole Album Dec 16th- Cudi Album December Is Lit
RT @ccoen79: Cudi is on a whole other level mentally & spiritually.