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RT @MatiColangelo: no se trataba de volver a verte, se trataba de verte volver que es diferente
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RT @PLAYMFS: #pltl kuy followan sama minkyungie, baru balik rp nih 😂 rt/rep dan jfb peka dn yap! @minkygrlx
So being on a Rp realm I started a project for a Rp hub and I brought it to my officers and thought it was a good idea we chose to use
RT @prectief: kita main rp bukan disosmed dimana anak rp doang yang main👌 https://t.co/LRiBcfgGMY
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【艦これ】お前らの嫁艦はRPGでどんな職業? https://t.co/EimmTFtBBC https://t.co/dqnJ5Zi4R2
RT @_pinkash: Main rp dari jaman twitternya begini. retweet. https://t.co/ZOh4QQod4W
Eles sempre arrumam um jeito de fingir que não sabe o pq o outro saiu rs https://t.co/LItWD2Tvd6