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RT @Toey941228: 'ขอแค่เป็นลู่หาน ไม่ว่าอะไร เซฮุนกูยอมให้หมด' ดูแล้วก็หุบยิ้มไม่ได้ ความ2มาตรฐานของ โอ เซฮุน 55555 #hunhan https://t.co/O7HM9nfXE6
"⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Loved it!" SIGNING BONUS The Chicago Series https://t.co/N7esTUIljc #99cents #Amazon https://t.co/in66YQC7BD
Wenn die Erde eine Kugel ist, warum Rollen wir denn nicht durchs Universum?
気持ち悪すぎる😱😱 吐きそうで吐けないつら
RT @Sacha_whp: Vote for @GaryLineker in National Television Awards, final section, Best Presenter. Sponsored by The Sun. https://t.co/y9cTrVdNy1
Voting is now OPEN! Don't miss to vote for your favourite singer!! #VoiceKidsSemiFinal
Here comes exciting #SupernaturalS12OnAXN!! Tune @AXNIndia now! Don't miss the entertainment!
洗濯しても洗濯物が臭う…という方は、こちらをご覧ください。https://t.co/lWiUMyEE4q @YouTube
A5) Jim Beaver plays Bobby Singer on Supernatural!! #SupernaturalS12OnAXN @AXNIndia
Yeah, the 3rd movie was shit but imo he's the best actor who played the part https://t.co/O7il7Wh5Qg via @9GAG
RT @virendersehwag: India invented Kabaddi & r World Champs for 8th time.Elsewhere some country invented Cricket & r yet only good in c… https://t.co/zQw1RBU1Pd
Loving the energy of kids! They are simply amazing! Can't wait for results! #VoiceKidsSemiFinal
RT @kmerifff: பறவைகள் தன் சிறகுகளையே நம்புகிறது... அமர்ந்திருக்கும் கிளையை அல்ல... உங்களையே நீங்கள் நம்புங்கள்/// Good night fr… https://t.co/1h7E7rtP1W
Wir wünschen unserem Freund csk.by.serdar.karaca viel Erfolg auf seinem Weg #Live4More #Reposthttps://t.co/U52QkUTdo2
Really rocking performance! Pooja you killed the stage with your singing. Way to go! #VoiceKidsSemiFinal https://t.co/2IT9QDggKa