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@crystalline_02 @mahilena You have nailed my life to a T
I need help researching and fact checking fox news' claims that Indian nationals are now crossing the U.S. border t…
@crystalline_02 😂😂😂 I knew I could make you blush 😂😂
@crystalline_02 I wish this for everyone everywhere!
RT @CrystallineView: Divine Crystalline Love
Milk and Tea New Earth Way. - soaked nuts and seeds blended with good water (crystalline/filtered/spring) make th…
@rwilbur75 He actually looks like he’s about to cry. Good!! He should be crying.
@crystalline_02 I Resist because I don’t want our country to be destroy by an unstable/racist criminal.
@crystalline_02 Brilliant. Sounds like the beginning of an Ode. Truth and I feel a sense of Hope.
Integrated Geophysical Approach to Aquifer Delineation in Crystalline Basement Environment AKINRINADE Opeyemi Joshu…
@crystalline_02 Thought I should brighten your day. 😂😂