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Baby you cry me out #HayatiBaruSampaiTangerang ♫ Cry Me Out by Pixie Lott (at Stasiun Tangerang) —
You'll have to cry me out
「Cry Me Out」は"もう乗り越えなさい"と自分に言い聞かせているのよ。ジャスティン・ティンバーレイクの「Cry Me A River」と似ているわね。きちんと責任をとり、涙を流しても大丈夫ってことよ。
I was broken (나는 완전히 망가졌었어) Back then I believed you (그때 난 널 믿었었지) Now, I don't need you (이제, 난 너 필요 없어) <Pixie Lott - Cry Me Out>
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我喜歡一部 @YouTube 影片 MinAh - Cry Me Out / I am a Woman Too [Yu Huiyeol's Sketchbook]
Pixie Lott - Cry Me Out - Official Video via @YouTube
Secret Love Song ba dapat kong pakinggan or Cry Me Out? BB VIVOREE
1. Pixie Lott – Cry Me Out
@nownichanun 38. Favorite Girl - The Icarus Account 39. Cry Me Out - Pixie Lott 40. Without You - Oh Wonder 41. Smile - Mikky Ekko
#nowplaying Pixie Lott – Cry Me Out
pixie lott really doesn't have the range to sing cry me out
@georgiewillmore as if you were in the "Cry Me Out" vid! 😜