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If Matt Croyle doesn't get MVP then I'm 5ft 1"
58.53 Ryan Handisides races towards net, shoots hard and low, save Croyle.
58.25 Wright shoots, save Croyle
🚨Goal Jets! Shorthand breakout, Lukas Smital feeds... Sean Norris who beats Croyle. Timed 42:01. WW 1️⃣➖5️⃣ SJ #NIHLFinalFour
Widnes Wild 39 Matthew Croyle leads back out his team for the 3rd period.
RT @jgv3vb: im not a huge fan girl over pandora rings but i’d drop dead if someone ever bought me this
RT @Necation: “what do you do in the shower for 2 hrs?” me: nothing. also me:
RT @TboyMezza: This is the cutest thing you’ll see today🥺😍
Matt Croyle has to get MVP.....Slough would be out of site without him being at the top of his game
33.20 34 Smital goes to the net, shoots, Croyle blocks
Matthew Croyle leads out the Widnes Wild
2006 Playoff Contenders Preview Ticket #1 Brodie Croyle Kansas City Chiefs Auto: $16.03 End Date: Sunday Apr-14-201…
19.10 Lindgren long shot through bodies, blocked by Croyle
11.27 Lindgren goes to net, shoots, Croyle saves
2.39 Norris left wing shot held by Croyle
Starting Netminders Wild: 39 Matthew Croyle Jets: 29 Matthew Smital
39 Matthew Croyle leads out the Widnes Wild
2007 Donruss Leaf Rookies & Stars - Brodie Croyle (Chiefs) #12 QB - Card #95
The @WidnesWild team 1 Wilson-Owen n/m 4 Bracegirdle 7 Barron 9 Armstrong 10 Bullock 14 Cooper 15 Kemp 16 Gilbert…
Wish i could go home to my people 😔
Matt Croyle And The Director/Actor On Set In this week's DevelopmentalBreakdown, director Matt Croyle talks about t…
RT @afinomusic: every time I think I got my shit together
@BenWalke @RespawnRoundup This hit me right in the feels.
@RespawnRoundup Finally a single player game..that’s not a money grab.. I feel a disturbance in the force.