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RT @DanMulhall: And thought at the chimes of Christ Church Of the ever-flowing stream, Bearing us into the future As into another dream. Anthony Cronin
RT @OneIyanu: Fellas, I just spent 2 whole hours arguing and searching the dustbin to prove to my girl that this missing piece is…
Жду тебя мой @Cronin_Andrey 💞💞💞
Mutluluğun tek anahtarı, insanın hayatından memnun olmasıdır. Joseph Cronin
@TurnerNorman1 they didn't even know what I meant when I said 5 ketchup??? Fraud. But I love you morest ok
Company CRONIN DANIEL P just submited new SEC filing #cronin #daniel #p
@evertonmad1878 @Stdomingo78 @darren_cronin @EFCjojo 😂😂😂😂 portia told one girl that he was now she won't go near it 🙄🙄
@evertonmad1878 @Stdomingo78 @darren_cronin @EFCjojo scares any kids that come in the garden they think he's buried there 🙄🙄
I went through the whattaburger drive thru and all I ordered was ketchup
Because evidently we get shite like 50 shades of grey 😂
Завтра домой :3
@evertonmad1878 @EFCjojo @darren_cronin makes my job shit snow falling of cars down ya back
@evertonmad1878 @darren_cronin @EFCjojo and because that had been his for 35 years I kept it 🙄
@evertonmad1878 @darren_cronin @EFCjojo my dads had a propers headstone I finally got permission to change it a couple years back
@Stdomingo78 @evertonmad1878 @darren_cronin snowing heavy again here now too ffs i have to walk 45mins in it after…
@evertonmad1878 @darren_cronin @EFCjojo if you zoom in top left there's a grave stone 😂😂 talking about buried ppl 😂