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At a critical age. Everything is changing rapidly. Sometimes it is easier just to let go.
@kristinlake14 programs that instill superiority at a critical age makes arrogant, egotistical teens and adults
29 - The critical age.
In 2009, my dad had a critical age crisis + decided to leave. He took the new, family car +…
@TheSignOfFive TN is like that. Conversion hit a critical %age long time ago
@DailyDashboard @dbarthjones from an EU perspective, this is not so critical: age of consent >13 in various existing national regulations
@tomgam I was at that critical age where I juuust started to realize I didn't love everything. JTT's Man Of The House also influential
He's the victim of a critical age; he has ceased to believe in himself and he doesn't know what to believe in. #henryjames #portrait
@davidcoverdale Mr C pls don't post such sexy pics of Michele I m at a critical age I 'll get a heart attack 😍😍😍
I've reached the critical age where when shopping the junior's section is too young while the women's section is too old. #ineedahappymedium
@sureshpprabhu hello sir... We are eagerly waiting for the vacancies of railway non - tech deptt. We are at critical age limit .
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Critical Age nos trazendo grandes músicas no Especial Audioslave ontem. #amigosdoporao #rocknroll
I have decided we live in the Critical Age. No, not because we are important, but because we do nothing but criticize everything.
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