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Justice League | official trailer Comic-Con (2017) Aquaman Flash Wonder Woman Batman Cyborg - YouTube
RT @SwiftOnSecurity: iPhone bends Samsung explodes Microsoft says pet me
@ManaMojoTV #CloudStrife By a long shot. Would you be walking after getting smacked in the face with a sword that is bigger than you?
―――そりゃそうさ・・・約束したんだから・・・・・・―――さてと コーヒーとトーストができてるが・・・これでいいかい!?【004】
From Married to the Cyborg, a foreshadowing of danger? #ScifiRom via @CaraBristol
RT @hankgreen: Sometimes I get real down. Then I realize I can make noises with my mouth that make people feel things and...I guess things are OK.
Brandon Marshall. 100+ yard CYBORG! 🤖💪 #FantasyFootball #NFL
RT @SUGAMA_SPIRIT: 僕の人生に大きく影響した映画 その54 「009 RE CYBORG」 石森章太郎原作、「サイボーグ009」の3D劇場版 #人生に大きく影響した映画 #サイボーグ009 #川井憲次 #島村ジョー #彼の声 #石ノ森章太郎
RT @jablan: Thursday #dronemail. You know, to help fight off the #cyborg apocalypse. #f2b
@livingichigo I've been having a hard time finding what units to use on Cyborg Tao. These are all my AGL units
Thursday #dronemail. You know, to help fight off the #cyborg apocalypse. #f2b
RT @MondoComics: John Semper Says #Cyborg: Rebirth Will Address Vic's Life As a Black Man Living in Detroit -
@damienredicamn1 1st off HOLY SHIT 2nd are you okay?!
RT @BoofBaldy: When someone says that cyborg isn't a gender
@RaquelineRe What’s so attractive about a toned, baby-faced cyborg-guy killing giant robots with a sword while wearing heels? …Wait…
RT @Einshines: I don't know how to feel about the new danganronpa 3 main character 😞, I thought it was the cyborg white hair guy so kinda was disappointed.