There are times when it matters. For art, that time is now. -YoPedro #artquote #HowDoYouPixels #FineArtAmerica #PODart
i was wondering about any soleil art to use and im glad this Exists
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Excited 4 our next #CMFieldTrip this Fri. We are @tangibleint exploring the magic of installation art. Join us!
Wow! Hampir 365 posts yang antusias untuk datang ke Pop Art Beauty 2017! Yuk join FOTO BORDER PAB di Instagram mu d…
@JoshuaDove3 best lesson I learned in my life is the art of not giving any fucks. Especially from overly sensitive Butthurt assholes.
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I love these Chinese artworks! There are some unexpected ones on this list!
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Join the The Creative Group team! See our latest #job opening here: #Art #Austin, TX #Hiring #CareerArc
Aye yall i do srawings so a work of art will come ur way when i hit diss new account
We have another #PaintNite coming up soon! Come create a #beautiful piece of #art over a glass of #wine -…
Congratulations to these talented Ross students who were recognized by @Parrishart!
Accelerated nursing pronouncement, high beat on nursing art: GczONnXNn
I mind my business, but I do pay attention.
How can people actually do art honestly it's too difficult 😮😂
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