If you're in Leeds check out the new Christmas art trail that's gone up across the city!!! It's beaut!!!…
RT @Havenlust: Your eyes aren't just beautiful, they are a gateway to a world that I want to be part of. #art #photography #Canon
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Toisaalta, ehkä @MariKNiemi ihan hyvä ettei esikunnissa ole näitä mediasuhteita hoitavia ammattilaisia. Aidonpaa.
3:30, 3rd | Mantha gloves a Hanson bid to keep the Wildcats from drawing back within one.
At the very least it's a hobby I think I'm not great at taking orders from other people when it comes to drawing.
@_Libbs__ , my next art piece or Nah? 😂😂
RT @CalIigraphys: Soothe your eyes... Water drop art
RT @ComicBookNOW: DOCTOR STRANGE Fights Kaecilius And His Zealots In New Concept Art
RT @LEGENDNATALIE: you can look at the art work but you cant touch
RT @art_cocktail: [トリホリ5]明後日から開催!只今、がんばって設営中!! 今回は20名の作家さんによる雑貨市。新作もいろいろ揃っていて見ごたえ&買いごたえ(?)たっぷりです。酉年の新年をお迎えするには絶対に外せませんね(*•ө•*)…
RT @hiberrybottle: I made my Klance drawing into holiday cards!! everyone who bought my klance charm will get one 💖
"The very essence of the creative is its novelty, and hence we have no standard by which to judge it." -Carl Rogers #art #quotes #artists
RT @opus_no: via @giphy Welcome to the art of catching Trolls
RT @voijukra: right after drawing this I realized that PJs literally means pajamas and that I'm an idiot
RT @m_aygaan: Regan Michael is incredible for this chalk drawing of my brother!
RT @opus_no: @Support @denisepoesie>the anti-art! She is spreading hate and spam tweets. Please suspend her(them) before they harm art on Twitter more
SCRUB LORD CHRONICLES: Brainstorming a brainstorm?