RT @revolocities: i love drawing these two cuddling
RT @bleuvaIentine: a piece of art caused me to have an emotional reaction.
RT @_fucklstr: friendly reminder for #septicart to NOT steal anyone’s art,, that includes; tracing it putting a filter over it cha…
RT @kohquette: idk, quick indulgent doodle between drawing comics pages
RT @karen_alane: @O_RodriguezIII Oscar! I can’t wait to see your art this weekend! See you Friday!! #WSCAtlanta #OscarsRedHat
@Rick_RIB4EVER @art_appreciator Lies are easier than truth. What is easy normally has harsh punishments.
RT @thevandykeparks: Chuck Berry was born Oct.18
RT @pondsizedocean: justifying drawing self-indulgent shit when theres 489575435 other things you should be doing
@3172sm あーちゃん!おはありー!✨
RT @akiko_lawson: 映画『 #バリーシール/アメリカをはめた男』公開記念! @akiko_lawson をフォローしリツイート!抽選で1名様に『超豪華トム・クルーズセット』をプレゼント♪ #ローソン
RT @VeryDragons: Artist friends suffering from Art Block: it's okay, I captured the block. He's pretty angry though. Please draw now…
RT @GabrielaLureti: 'Stormy Weather' by Anna Razumovskaya #art
RT @Dew21Lana: #art Painting is poetry on canvas:) #Afremov
RT @ElectratheQueen: #JoanneIsPlatinumParty As it deserves this is a work of art full of raw vocals and pure talent it absolutely deserv…
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For a long time, the ART market has been the exclusive province of the elite.#ARTEX
RT @Esunbreakable: Gente de mi edad haciendo cosas increíbles con su vida. Y yo muy apenas tengo salud.
New post: "Art of the Deal: Boeing Edition"
RT @AlmightyUzumaki: 3D Akatsuki Art
RT @Puribro: Artists keep gettin asked to do art for Exposure and i'm just wondering what country's currency Exposure is and how it is compared to USD