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In case you didn't know, I'm crazy about you.
RT @puppymnkey: The Trump campaign wasn't surveilled per FBI and 17 intel agencies. But let's ask crazy Sheriff Clarke.
RT @marrigold5: Kylie Jenner And Tyga’s Sex Tape Got Leaked On Tyga’s Web...
RT @kevinabstract: it's crazy that hot people are just floating around on this earth looking good as fuck wow
【学パロ】小「物理わかんねぇ古典やりてぇ清少納言と結婚する」極「気をしっかり持て小十郎俺はお前と結婚する」小「じゃぁそれなりに口説いてみろよ」極「……Crazy to you.」小「夜を込めて 鳥のそらねは はかるとも よに逢坂の 関はゆるさじ」極「お前それ言いたかっただけだろ」
RT @sean_spicier: The President wishes everyone a Happy #MuslimWomensDay & would like to remind you not to do anything crazy, like driving
RT @AthleteNation: Tebow at it again. Crazy stuff.
RT @DrugvisuaI: crazy how fast shit changes
RT @DrugvisuaI: crazy how fast shit changes
@im2old4thisotp @WalkinDeadAngie The real dark (un)lighting drives me crazy too.its like going to a concert but you can't hear the vocals
@__Crazy_Kid__ 吼吼吼吼吼
This case study got be going crazy
RT @kxrenoids: "Crazy cause I'm falling in love, falling deeply in love with you.." #MAYWARDKiligOnMTWI
RT @gingerea: someone photoshop me on xxl cus I totally deserve it my mixtape did crazy numbers
I'm looking at my schedule for the next 5 weeks and it is kind of crazy
RT @lustandIove: crazy how quickly people can forget everything you've done for them
Triple H's entrance will probably include a suit and some crazy attire. I'm down for that!
It's crazy how something good can come into your life so quickly
You can never leave a crazy chick without her making it look like it's your fault. #smh
RT @JakariiM: I advise no one say "you're getting rapped" outside of Charlotte county bc you will get looked at like you're crazy af. Trust me
His he or is he not crazy #BatesMotel