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Time to make some changes. I like the strategies discussed in this article. Thank you Iain Webster for the insight!
RT @MariahIsBubbles: College is not that bad it's what you make it... at least in my opionion
I'm inspired by people who are passionate about their careers! Thank you @BrewerNo1Writer for the motivation!
Keeping it real! Thank you for posting this Carrie Griffin
RT @michaelktweets: #PSAT me: *guesses on answer* Next question: "which statement proves your previous answer?"
RT @Lucas_Shaw: Google has a deal w/CBS for its live TV service. Here's the story we wrote on YouTube's plans/talks in May
RT @asharma: Google is already further along securing media deals for its Web TV service than Apple got...
@King_Yunn @CaptSgoatcabin @john9williams @CowboysNation @rjochoa Crayton also picked a bad game to have butter fingers.
@BJ_Stew @CaptSgoatcabin @john9williams @CowboysNation @rjochoa and Patrick crayton dropping passes right on the money😟😟, and 11 penalties!!
RT @Stubborn_GirI: I admit I can be very dramatic and stubborn, but I guess if you really love me you'll learn to have the patience to deal with me.
RT @CLett_: Two things define you: your patience when you have nothing, and your attitude when you have everything. 📍
Ones phone should never be this 🌵
RT @TheeBedell: Class cancellation emails are the only good morning messages I need
"Nina Crayton is so funny and nice." #hhswowwed
Guys let's all write an email like this today
RT @WRw96: Failure is not a option 💯