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RT @CareQualityComm: If you have #InvisibleConditions, we want to hear about your experiences of care https://t.co/ptfUtEV37o https://t.co/gnXrnhNqlX
urang dr 10 menit durasi, yang lain masih point 8, 11, 12, ini CQC/Siwei udah 18. wew #ChinaSSP
Pressure grows for NHS hospital 'stitch-up' inquiry | Daily Mail Online https://t.co/2Zsgj64m1x
#have thought about closing down strykeforce #cqc # systems since my accident but gonna try n keep it going at least for now #
RT @sh1sh0u_camera: PGM HECATE Ⅱ SCAR-L CQC H&K MP7A1 Ithaca Model37 #いい銃の日 https://t.co/i6vkiBMy4p
@DEAD_BLUE_CQC エロが根底にあってこそのこの私です(๑و•̀ω•́)و
How can you have #NHS trust failing yet others are within the top five #NHS hospitals! #cqc 1 organisation, rotate management!
RT @careroadshows: Free seminar taking place next week 'Learning the Lessons' by @NationalCareAsc #Care Roadshow London - Hear from Sh… https://t.co/B6Gy83ERkL
RT @TheBHF: .@CareQualityComm want to hear your experiences of care associated with #invisibleconditions, like heart disease: https://t.co/w8fnedYSO5
@BBCNWT @CareQualityComm of course it has been because Hunt wants to shut it. Plus every A&E in country is struggling CQC are awful puppet
The #CQC report 'State of Care' has been released. Get your quick and easy summary here https://t.co/BfjJ4tS0P6https://t.co/RwpSuNry93
RT @alexander_minh: When will politicians admit defeat and quietly sweep away the highly embarrassing CQC? https://t.co/mIx6GTZCxo… https://t.co/vpkfMk5tP7
RT @alexander_minh: Coroners' warnings: terminal inexactitude and CQC opacity https://t.co/mIx6GTZCxo @bernardjenkin @Meg_HillierMP… https://t.co/8NifqvNo6G
RT @TheBHF: .@CareQualityComm want to hear your experiences of care associated with #invisibleconditions, like heart disease: https://t.co/w8fnedYSO5
@Jeremy_Hunt If you're concerned about prevention, why haven't you, DH et al taken more notice of coroners, Mr H?… https://t.co/rgxN4lRzR2
AUTISTA PAT E + CQC, Città Di Castello - https://t.co/B3qA6bMRtI
RT @Call5Ops658: チノちゃんの誕生日まで20日(´∀`) チノちゃんにCQCかけられたい!>■< #香風智乃生誕祭2016 #チノちゃん生誕祭2016 #12月4日はチノちゃんの誕生日 #ごちうさ #gochiusa https://t.co/PbnzjdlcMX
@Jeremy_Hunt I wonder why CQC isn't coming clean on mental health deaths? https://t.co/CYM8tdYbFL https://t.co/Mq2oK5D0v9
@Jeremy_Hunt It's a shame that CQC, your designated source of a single version of the truth can't count:… https://t.co/KdYmiJOSU7
@marymei0122 銃を捨てよ、ナイフを持て、接近戦はCQCだ…! https://t.co/oWuQwjnQXX
@oxn_o エロエロやな〜 φ(..)メモメモ