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RT @DoctorGarcia_: No habia visto una humillación así desde el soplamocos del Cuau a Faitelson. https://t.co/fMJA9vWRHz
RT @alexisdanyel13: When I was doing CPR, giving respiratory treatments, doing assessments, checking vitals, giving bed baths, communic… https://t.co/nzHonZEpmz
RT @laurennoutloudd: Just did CPR on and off for two hours standing on my tippy toes and elbows deep in blood but I totally still have time to play cards
RT @whaevah1: @NYPD79Pct @NYPDBklynNorth @NYPDCommAffairs . These @WspuShomrim #UnitedShomrim members are out there all year work… https://t.co/9MgA85V92x
RT @LegendLesbian: So I'm signing up for a CPR class because when I choke my wife out while throwing dick in her, I have to be able to… https://t.co/bmIUEmyBGV
If the pussy stop breathing, give it CPR.
@LuisaRositano Most sports trainer CPR certification is annual, and in order to recoup costs involved in setting up… https://t.co/MRYN7MYTOL
I feel like CPR x Summer Walker doesn’t get enough credit as it should
RT @BobBobrogers98: Quality windshield replacement, Auto Glass repair & Window Regulator repair. CPR Auto Glass Murrieta also does mobi… https://t.co/HbiHXPicpA
We are gearing up for our Hands-Only CPR event THIS THURSDAY 4/25 in ATS 103!! If you would like to be put on the… https://t.co/MdG8LK1jJL
RT @KyleClark: Tremendous reporting by @CPRNews and @CPRMarkus on lobbyists and the Hancock administration. “...it was sometimes d… https://t.co/RbWc6eSCwL
@999tranquility OH GOD THEYRE LITERALLY Astrophel: eats rat poison Lene: eats rat poison Leyont: performs CPR on… https://t.co/Lgig86bdQ1
@se_parad GET BACK TO LIFE *gets someone to do cpr*
failed my cpr test but still got certified 😈
เหมือนจะตายเลยค่ะคุณหมอ cprนุที ฮืออออไอ่เด้กน่ารักแงงเง้วงกวดากวกวกสด https://t.co/09SyEhJNgC
RT @AllDayERDayRN: I’ve been a shoulder to cry on as a loved on takes their last breath. I’ve had to narcan kids after accidental inge… https://t.co/qlImy3Hbj1
RT @Almanfi_Cardio: There’s nothing more rewarding than saving a life .. Left main STEMI causing cardiac arrest, 7 DC shocks & Cardioge… https://t.co/mvVLY9zw58
Okay. I'll do CPR on Nami-san! 「よし おれはナミさんと人工呼吸だ」 サンジ CPR = cardiopulmonary resuscitation (心肺停止の蘇生救急) https://t.co/m5Tb99Hq3l
RT @daeprite: 방금 살짝 죽고 싶었는데 한 트친님의 릐틧으로 CPR당했음 사랑합니다 https://t.co/fJpc2Cz09C
방금 살짝 죽고 싶었는데 한 트친님의 릐틧으로 CPR당했음 사랑합니다 https://t.co/fJpc2Cz09C