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.why y'all don't like Cp3?
@EG999999999999 一応まだ部品でるみたいです!
@HennyPrez @Richyung72 @CP3 yeah idk what happened. he was cold in New Orleans. Tried to go with Kobe but ended up with Blake and went ass
RT @NBAonTNT: "He hit him with that shammgod Ginóbili! - @SHAQ CP3 out here showing off the handles! #PlayersOnly https://t.co/OGKHc7Glz0
@JayCeeMusic91 @Richyung72 @CP3 yea CP3 not my mans no more he died when he got traded
Watch this TP-D. Will match up and respect CP3's greatness
@Richyung72 @HennyPrez yeah idk what's goin on. @CP3 is ass now... #tier2 just like Melo. that's y they're boys #losers
@_misssminny how u want them to win and #CP3 got no chips? 🤔 interesting lol
@SmanSports I also traded Lin(first week pre injury)/derozan(35ppg version lol) for CP3 and (injured) smart
There's CP3 GP MJ Pippen Rodman uhhh... I don't think so actually https://t.co/VxiNg2fqN3
RT @AdamJosephSport: Career Triple Doubles: Harden 28. CP3 13. Steph 7. Wall 7. Lowry 7. IT 1. Total: 63. Russell Westbrook has 73.
@TheRealShrizzy bruh I will never count on cp3 to deliver in any clutch situation
Did my squad foul! Cp3 would have multiple rings right now! https://t.co/YeLAjeqG3r
RT @DavisMattek: @DannyLeroux hate to be "criticizer of podcast guy" but CP3 over Russ + Harden? Just 0 credence to durability?
RT @SteveStfler: Travis Scott: "Out in Portland tryna get in her organs!" Me: *remembering that Portland is in Oregon* https://t.co/rbaZj9gmeW
@blakegriffin32 @CP3 @DeAndre and the team, finish the season having fun and playing clipper basketball! #ItTakesEverything #ClipperNation
RT @SneakerTicker: Tony Parker crossover on CP3 & then the circus shot over DeAndre Jordan https://t.co/mt1HejmxP5
@blakegriffin32 @CP3 @DeAndre and a deep playoff run should be the glue keeping that together, so please guys for the sake of the fans...
@blakegriffin32 @CP3 @DeAndre contracts are up at the end of the season and I firmly believe you guys needs to stay together...
@CP3 Please don't give up.The playoffs are about to start
@blakegriffin32 @CP3 @DeAndre you guys have built a family in a city usually dominated by purple and gold, but this is our turn
Kyrie is such a skilled player but his facilitating skills is ugh I'll still take a old cp3 over him