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Rihanna Accepts Her "Shoe Oscar" with a Look Only She Could Pull Off
❧❞ Vintage VALENTINO Quilted Hinged Cuff Bracelet Couture Runway Statement Piece
@latimes @fredwimpy Hmmm why? Seriously? Hillary couture inspired by Kim Jong-un can't be showcased, cuz she lost? Oh come on..
RT @ladygaga: This is the sentiment of #Joanne. Thank you @YolanCris for this romantic dream of a dress. No stretch lace couture…
RT @Manueell_M: i've been happy with my life lately, im chilleeen
RT @bonunzabonus: ไม่เคยผิดหวังกะน้ำหอม Juicy couture เลย หอมมากกก นี่เสี่ยงซื้อกลิ่นใหม่ขวดใหญ่มาเลยนะ ไม่เคยลองด้วย เคยใช้แต่อันเก่า ละก็ไม่ผิดหวัง ปริ่มㅠㅠ
Duty calls as you check your wallet today. Sorting out financi... More for Scorpio
RT @patricksogorg: Kamuka ko daw si @TheaTolentino13 dami na nagsasabi. Charot! @dp_couture #DearUgeKSP
RT @genesupernova: Backstage at Jean Paul Gaultier FW14 Haute Couture
국떡이 리뉴얼 오픈을 하게 되었습니다 :) 기념행사로 최대 50%~20% 세일을 진행하고 있어용! 그리고 간단하게 이벤트에 참여하시면 추첨을 통해 푸짐한 상품을 드립니다 ^^
RT @DesiObsession_: ‘The Persian Story’ by Manish Malhotra - India Couture Week 2016
@couture_149 うおお!楽しみだな!!👏👏
I'm at Ari Wedding Couture in Ampang, Selangor