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Could you be loved !!! Bob Marley💨💨💨
RT @thisisformative: We need a skilled journalist to join our fast-growing content agency. Could you be what we're looking for?…
Why is the song "could you be loved" so perfect
@Volknochi could you be more american if you tried
@TheEllenShow right exactly was taken away Ellen could you be more specific
@Thefatender Could you be more specific?
@replouiegohmert Could you be any more crass? Using Gabby Giffords as an excuse? You should be ashamed. Your constituents deserve better.
RT @Nottswildlife: Could you be a #ChampionOfSherwood? Help us restore #Sherwood Forest --> #RobinHoodHour
Quiz: Could You Be Charging MORE For Your Event? #quiz:
How could you be so heartless !
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how could you be in a bad mood when it's 70 degrees and it's still February !!
Could you be my muse 🌹
.@unklar I don't know. How could you be so careless as to lose 2,000 tweets? ;)
.@SenCoryGardner starting to think your unnecessary updates are 'rubbing dems noses in it.' Pharma reps? Could you be more of a stereotype?
RT @ell1126: Lol could you be arsed though
People be like to @jem_lucy you're such a disgrace how dare you touch your hair in public. How could you be so mean to others.
@RosieBarton Could you be a bit more restrained in your vocabulary. "Tide", "flood"? Really? 10,000 might be a flood, but 2 dozen? #cdnpoli
It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor, would you be mine, could you be mine? :)
@WithColdGun -who and where you were was worrying him. The Legends said you died a hero, blown to pieces by the Occulus. How could you be-
@OhItsTeddy nice warm and sunny in Toronto!! Could you be ready this weekend?