Could You Be

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narmin: coughs maryam: bless you narmin: that was a cough me, throwing something at maryam: how could you be so st*pid?!
Could you be any less lady like?
@JonesKelli17 it left along with my will to live, now i suffer from male pattern baldness. gosh kelli could you be any more insensitive!?
RT @etserbu: how could you be so blind
@TIME @deejay90192 how could you be married to such a woman that lies so easily...could never trust her!
#Axbridge needs more #Wheelchair Ambassadors to share their knowledge. Could you be one?
So tired of your rules Fuck you and your opinion How could you be so blind? What goes around comes back around in time
@Demessiklier @ZHDar The Wahhabi👹Devils of ISIS, ALQAEDA & ALNUSRAH are the Biggest Problem. How could you be so ignorant not to know it?
Sometimes I start to wonder, was it just a lie? If what we had was real, how could you be fine? 'Cause i'm not fine at all
Phone off, no texting. No pics, no calls, no sexing, how could you be so selfish? 💃💃💃
RT @SongNotAnswered: How could you be so heartless??
@Bohr_EDream @KotyaED Whatever could you be talking about Bohr? :^)
Could you be the other one so we equal two💞
Could you be any more offensive?
So how could you be so damn triflin
@BleacherReport @stocktrader300 how could you be a fan of this guy he is so annoying
how could you be someone's friend if you said you'd shag her ex boyfriend :/// sorry but that's not what's being looked for