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@BloggerBoxing Cotto has a lot of quality wins just nothing great.
Give me Cotto's best wins. Which HoF bound fighters did he beat?
@UntouchableVick didn't say he deserved it. Give me Cotto's great wins bro
Three straight wins for @JJCRwrestling from Kramer (120), Cree (126) & Cotto (132) ties the score at 19-19. #lohudwrestling
@WBCBoxing fight any bigger than it is right now, coming off of Cotto and Lemieux wins. That's a fact.
So Canelo wins against an old & carefully matched Miguel Cotto he out weighed by 20 pounds and Kirkland are better than Murray and Lemieux?
@SanchezFournier @PRlopez333 @oXElAngelXo Gomez then got drummed by Layne and was pretty much done. Cotto more longevity, not the same wins
Cotto can easily climb back and win the IBF title by fighting Lee if he wins his fight next weekend
@steveucnlive @eaner0919 I never feel like anyone wins it clearly. Maybe the year Pac beat Hatton/Cotto. Glen Johnson. That's it.
@BoxingVoice_Vic He only fought twice this yr though, do both of his wins equal beating Kirkland/Cotto? Pac/Berto, or Lemieux/Murray?