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@hyourisekai 1,期間クエ(2017バッヂ拾って交換13武器やらアクセやら) 2,経験値稼ぎ(80Lvの解放条件が職キューブのSPクエ完走/おそらくキャラ単位で必要) 3,ユニオン装備素材集め(レイ武器ユニ準備) このへん
"è difficile che la vostra generazione sia brutta perché siete cresciuti con il prosciutto cotto" la concezione della bellezza di Tamai
RT @gallodiano: #nstantesdeacuarelas #Watercolour #arte #art #arteMex Autorretrato de la activista mexicana Raquel Cotto Nadie t…
RT @Logic301: Anxiety can be so hard and overwhelming! Just remember in your darkest days facing it, it gets better. I've been there! YOU'RE STRONG!
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RT @ShanpleaN_Machi: みなさま差し入れありがとう(;_;)(;_;)(;_;)2ステージ目そろそろ始めます!!
RT @ShanpleaN_Machi: 西口ー!大宮ーー✨久しぶりすぎるストリートライブします!m(_ _)m
RT @BellaFashionTH: @seaweed115B @Frankies_Style @kelledy_yahoo @ankit1989 @CMBOMGS2 @omairalina @Ygorusan @ParisBakerJr1 @Kwai_Jayh I ALSO I LOVE U FRIENDS ♥♥
Kok jauh btl (?) (at Cotto Makassar) —
Que buen cotto con los compas
@RT_com I think the Danish prime minister needs to stop smoking crack..
Kona Cotton BAHAMA BLUE Charm Pack 5" x 42 Squares Kaufman.. … #etsy #etsyretwt
RT @actors2la: Since losing to Wolak and Cotto, Yuri Foreman fought gym teachers for 3 years. Not hard to predict that conclusion. #confessionsofanasshat
Cuatro de la madrugada y este viejo tan ebrio. *recibe el premio al mas playito del año* GRACIASS
RT @EtsyClub: Kona Cotton BAHAMA BLUE Charm Pack 5" x 42 Squares Kaufman.. #etsyretwt