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Awake like ion got work in 7 hours
@espnBoxing @espn @FirstClassBox are you kidding me? Cotto & SpenceJr get p4p votes but nothing to @RealCFrampton ? That's not right #boxing
@nulI_k @zerotukitan 雪永ちゃん可愛いよーーー!!! ウォー!!!(ペンライトを振る) 今日寒いから...幸路のマフラーかけたろ...☺️そしてぼくは数さんが描いてらしたん雪永ちゃんの氷の剣が浮いてるのかっこよくて刺さってしんだ
@NestAli_ @boxingscene he was dead tired. Definitely over looked maussa. At that time the best 140s were Harris & Cotto. Gatti & Tszyu were
Happy Thanksgiving ! #HappyThanksgiving #usa 🇺🇸 MISS U ☀️ @ Cotto Crudo - Four Seasons Praha
Just can't believe me and Cotto got pulled literally 100 feet from where we were going...
NowPlaying Always There (Norty Cotto Classic Mix) - Soul Minority, Nathalie Claude 05:37
@ringmagazine @Woodsy1069 @FreddieRoach @mannypacquiao has to make $ after losing his houses betting on cotto
Buongiorno Dr. Feelgood e Mr. Cotto è on-air. Con @beppesevergnini dalle 08 alle 09 con Rock&Talk. @ChiliPeppers
Nel BUONGIORNO di Virgin Radio Italy dalle 6 e mezza alle 9, ci sono Dr Feelgood, Mr Massimo Cotto, Beppe...
RT @ui_nyan: かわいい冬将軍だな
Timballo di patate, broccoli e prosciutto cotto
RT @nycscr: A volunteer writes: Without meaning to I saved the best for last, and spent the most wonderful hour with Cotto....
Happy thanksgiving to all the real niggas I fuck w 💯
RT @pretty_boi_maxx: Just because I trust you that don't mean that I don't doubt you.
Why do all the good food places close so early
@LSN_Frantz lmao they got dunked like Oreos
RT @tos_nexon: 不正行為と判断される基準の更新について、お知らせを掲載しました。対応ケースが増えますのでご注意ください。 #ToSJP
@miduki_rei まじか……漢やな……
W W Ivette Reyes recuerda las letras y Sharon Monge Cotto cargar la bocina !! Que descansen !
RT @ShanpleaN_Machi: ワンマンまでもう本当にあと少しだー!(*_*)✨あっという間。今日もリハ行ってきます✨みんなも頑張ろ!♥ ワンマンまだ今からでも来れる人教えてね\(^^)/♡ 1部のみ 2部のみ…