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@mschlapp he is one of the most vile people on the planet. Scumbag all the way to the core.
RT @saulsk: If you doubt the core strength of the American people, look to this #LBJ quote for insight. #PresidentsDay
Hilary Kahn (@IUBloomington), one of the core skills of #global #learning is to toggle back and forth b/w local and international #aiea2017
@thstonebooks Terror is a core value if Islam, it's in Quran and hadith. Islam itself expanded through terror.
RT @SDNBillChoy: #Etna girls hoops earns No. 4 seed in D5 @NSCIF playoffs. Has 1st round bye. Host No. 5 seed Core Butte at 7 p.m.Thur. #Yreka
MSI GL72 6QF-696 17.3" Notebook - Intel Core i5
Arianitaaaaaa, aí meu core #suandonomtvhits
@scoopmakhathini is the most creative presenter in the world in my opinion, Love the character brah @VEntertainment
RT @Concia_Ternrden: 🥀🌹💋💘Somehow we'll help each other through the hard times🌹🌹🌹
Asus crucible face fullness 700 remark - the 2 near 1 instrument including quad-core processor: twFQjKIf
@Reuters Interesting that Reuters would call a hard core socialist "far right".
exclui meu snap e deu uma dorzinha no core 💔
RT @archivemin: [BTS COMEBACK SCHEDULE] get ready to support!! 22/2 Gaon Chart K-pop Awards 23/2 MCountdown 24/2 Music bank 25/2…
Alienware R3 17.3 Laptop Intel Core i7 16GB Memory 1TB HD 256GB SSD #alienware
RT @source411: Awww see what i'm saying? Sweethearted to the core of his being!
RT @Katja_Iversen: Great to see @erna_solberg and @noradno stand by core #genderequality values and help fill the decency gap.…
RT @InsiderSuns: McDonough on Cousins: "We would have traded for him at the right price. We didn't want to breakup our young core to…
Companies with a unified sense of purpose outperform competitors by 400%! #smb #growth via…
Things that don't fit my philosophies & core values....I simply leave them alone. Not wasting time trying to understand or rationalize them
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