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Had to reupload today's video due to a copyrighted song- spent 2 hours finding the perfect song AGAIN, let's hope this one works!
Thumbnail made shout out to @Brainyfy Just need to find a non copyrighted song.
Non copyrighted song I can use in my freerun video?
@WynonnaMusic I'm still (Holding onto to hope) that you will sing my copyrighted song :-)
Also don't use a copyrighted song if it's going on YouTube. just saying
Well guys Nihils help our souls used to be a non copyrighted song, now it's copyrighted. I just took the video down, I'll upload 2...
All that effort you put into covering someone else's copyrighted song, you coulda made your own original banger during that time
@Pakzible I bailed on him before but the editor I got used w copyrighted song
someone i follow had their child's birth vlog muted because it featured some copyrighted song too much. did they pitch a fit? no!
@Iustm8 inb4 copyrighted song
@ruaahell It's unavailable in Germany and on some devices because it's technically a copyrighted song. ;~; try watching it on desktop!
i got a copyright strike because my animation for secret love song has a copyrighted song so it has been taken down fuck you youtube🖕
If YouTube will pull a cat video down in a nanosecond for using a "copyrighted song" why the F*CK are they allowing ISIS recruiting videos?
@TuneCore @YouTube & a copy right strike for using a non copyrighted song please explain...
Just need to remove that random copyrighted song before making it public 😡
I liked a @YouTube video "Music Is Copyrighted" song by General IVI
@maak___ its removing the copyrighted song from cananda, its says editing in progress
@kippum88 @Desirephilippin Minsan po kaya nakablocked sa mobile ang ATM ksi may copyrighted song katulad nito-->Drummer Boy by Justin Bieber
@NBCNews always thought it was public domain.. Never knew that it was a copyrighted song :S
IFPI raps @CYLeung2017 over singing a copyrighted song. (Where did this all start, btw? I've been out of the loop)
Does youtube get copyright strike when they use a copyrighted song? #youtuberewind #youtube
@Faux_Freedom @YouTube I hope there is a way to remove the copyrighted song, I want to hear your commentary :)
Worries about copyrighted content in the background noise; puts a copyrighted song in the speedrun. I'm back.
"Happy Birthday" is a copyrighted song and its holders bank around $2 million per year from it.