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Coolio dudeio
Brother: interview is tomorrow, be ready please. Me: Coolio, it's gonna be snazzy. Brother: Please do not say that tomorrow.
Astrix - Coolio (Infected Mushroom Remix)
Rapper Coolio charged over handgun in backpack at airport
RT @puncheduindface: Lmao I stay cracking myself up.
There's something cute with 2 depressed people in love and married lmao
@RavenMischief not u lol. It's someone else I know who keeps buying video games when they need the money for basic necessities.
Podoba mi się film Coolio- Gangster's Paradise w @YouTube
one of my favorite pics from tonight has to be this one w/ @Coolio ft @kidfromkidnplay photobombing in the back 😂👌🏼
Both my parents have severe depression so every couple nights I try to cuddle and sleep with them and I text them that I love them
That's my baby
"But Garrett, as you sure you're ok?" Yeah, I'm good dude @karl_coolio
Australian No1 this week in 1995 * Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise * @Coolio
NowPlaying coolio ooh lala - coolio ooh lala 06:01
Hoy en día la golpeó Hip Hop y Rap de vídeos de YouTube en México.「Coolio」's 『Gangsta's Paradise』
LOOK AT YOUR AVI U r queen 😋😍
I lost a bobby pin in my hair 3 days ago and I still haven't found it