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Craving the beach, summer nights & cookouts
Ima be the auntie at the cookouts alone af
Ready for spring and summer 😩 cookouts ,block parties, cool nights wya😭
y'all have 10 more months for these imaginary twitter plates, imaginary cookouts, imaginary twitter parties. 2018 they gotta go.
The Marietta Cookout is disgracing all Cookouts.
@x_tap912 find him and invite him to the cookouts in the summer lol
i can't wait for these cookouts this summer .
@MarcoC_25 you crazy, ain't no cookouts in Maryland
@caitlintorres99 oh my god yesssss. We having cookouts every weekend 😂
Cookouts without coleslaw=Lunch
Yes lawd. I love going to cookouts and perving on all the fine menfolk. I like a show with my meals.
@Kilah_gramz 1. He said cookouts are always being planned 2. Zaddy has a girlfriend now
Girl just bye I been fuckin wit my nigga Phil since 99 he been invited to the cookouts you still on the outside loo…
Y'all know Hennessey is nasty idk why y'all keep trying to bring that shit to cookouts
RT @moneylagua: @AlmightyDskeed Spanish people have cookouts too you bucket
@moneylagua stupid fuck cookouts are specifically for us, ya got family gatherings
@AlmightyDskeed Spanish people have cookouts too you bucket
@moneylagua chill habibi claim black, you a get to go to cookouts soon
RT @almighty_ant00: How im walkin into cookouts and graduation parties this summer 😂🤷🏾‍♂️