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I'm so lazy and don't wanna take out my contacts
@sweetatertot2 @The_dead222 Obama DOJ also checked all communication records — phone, email & contacts — of @FoxNews reporter @JamesRosenFNC
My Soul Mate got Swallowed 😩😭😪 -@Pink_Contacts (Thanks for the quote✊🏾🔥)
– Free sex, porno, xxx, teens, girls, boys, photo, video, contacts =
I just deleted so many people out of my contacts and my Snapchat🤷🏻‍♀️
Obama DOJ also checked all communication records — phone, email & contacts — of @FoxNews reporter @JamesRosenFNC
Just deleted half my contacts. Don't know why but screw it
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I hate when I'm about to fall asleep then realize I still have my contacts in 😡
@peachisoda This is serious. I hope BH contacts the police.
Once These contacts get outnmy eyes my Day Is Over I ain't i aint putting these bitches back in 😂
"Why is your dog wearing glasses?" "Because his insurance won't pay for contacts!!!"
How To Recover Contacts From iCloud
I just took off my contacts and then put it back in wtf am I okk k k
RT @smudger103: I talk to 0.1% of my contacts
Tomorrow when I put in my contacts, I'm going to put in the left one first. How you like me now, right contact lens?
Mention Your LinkedIn Contacts to Increase Your Visibility
RT @igot7_MarKP: Yugyeom said he cant put in contacts himself so the stylists puts it in for him and he always cries Cr 샤닝님
Working on a Junko cosplay and I wont get the contacts in time most likely so Ill probably just go w/o them for this con & w/ for comic con
@benjschmidt curious cost q's from a guy who will ask a fellow he met at church for pro bono sales contacts for 'practice' #taxseason
trying to take out contacts after a full day and your eye is as dry as the sahara desert is a truly painful experience
When you scroll thru your contacts and It's just mad females that hate you now 😭😭😭😌😌😌
RT @kfhall0852: Does anyone believe for a second that the hundreds of Russian contacts occurred without knowledge of Sr, Jr, Eric, Ivanka, or Jared?