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RT @fawfulfan: Flynn is one of the most visibly compromised people in Trump's inner circle. He lied about Russia contacts and illegally... @juliettekayyem
@LinkedInHelp When I reopen my acct. can I reset privacy settings and blocked contacts before I officially reactivate it?
RT @DerpMinhyuk: Hongbin with these blue contacts make me want to kill myself. Acc choke me with your hands plz
"Sometimes I can't hear when I take off my contacts."
@gerardcassidy @TheMoanyOne It could end up like Joey.But he loves the club has a fantastic football brain and made a lot of contacts.
Coming up this Sunday is our special Mother's Day Service. Invite your friends and feel free to repost to your cont…
this is a sign that bambam needs to stop wearing contacts, my poor baby 😰
RT @_kvictoria: I'd have like no contacts fr 😂✌🏼
Decided to try acrylic nails today & now I'm trying to figure out how the heck to get my contacts out. #whathaveIdone #sendhelp
RT @Citrus_Angels: hyomin actually has so many contacts in the industry I wouldn't be worried if they started their own thing
I really need to stop playing and order more contacts.
yeee my new contacts came in the mail today
@CharCubed @charlieworries i love this contacts so. Fuckin. Much.
Kat-*napping Me-Don't fall asleep you'll mess up your contacts Kat-I'll mess you up
RT @LocoTaii: You're wearing coloured contacts & you even have the audacity to look me in the eye as if I can take you seriously?No sister this can't work
@YMTMorales @jean1rector @Weazie4 ppl voted party line and uneducated. Here we have seen contacts to truth. Amazed what ppl can accomplish
RT @radiookapi: Didier #Reynders préconise des contacts entre la #CENCO et le président de la République
Anju leaned in extra-close and I looked into her gothic red eyes (she was wearing color contacts) which revealed so much depressing s
RT @applenws: How to Sync Your Old Contacts to iPhone
RT @_kvictoria: I'd have like no contacts fr 😂✌🏼
I'd have like no contacts fr 😂✌🏼
Got new phone lost all contacts. Dm me your numbers! :)
RT @PatamaPost: Dati halos ikaw ang bumuhay sa inbox ko, ngayon isa ka nalang sa contacts ko.