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@Conrad_Murray_H @RealMJFacts She probably shat on herself while twitter was down yesterday. Hackers need to take all her troll accts down.
@Conrad_Murray_H @Hammertonhal How the heck would that hard up virgin know? Tabloid junky is a full of it. He's delusional.
@Conrad_Murray_H @Hammertonhal Did you know he's an ugly white boy in his mommy's basement in the UK? He's stalking wacko's victims. Troll!
@Conrad_Murray_H @Hammertonhal Tabloid junky is a douche who lives on tabloids. He gets smacked on them daily. He's a whining windbag. .
@Conrad_Murray_H @kharmencita39 @Hammertonhal @Tige2340 Oh lordy, yet another troll acct for the desperate dbag. Boring!
@Conrad_Murray_H As they world knows floons are low life scum who don't count when it comes to reality. Wade wins in court! #mjfam
@Conrad_Murray_H As MJ begged their parents to let them sleep over. Floons are fools.
@Conrad_Murray_H He needs a hair cut big time.
@Conrad_Murray_H @RealMJFacts @TorontoStar Who don't the flunatics hate? Hateful dolts with no life nor brain cells between them.
@Conrad_Murray_H @Tige2340 Of course the blow hard "anne aka jane" joke is.
@Conrad_Murray_H @RealMJFacts Which they never seem to do. Floons are notorious hypocrites and sick sinners. #mjfam #mjwasapedophile
RT @WadeRobsonRocks: @Conrad_Murray_H @RealMJFacts LMAO as loser Lynette takes advantage of her retard cult members. Sybil needs a padded cell.
Bigi should hang out with his older brother. Parisuicide is not a good role model for him. She dresses like trash a…
According to Supporters of MJ it's the child's fault for wishing to be around Michael. Had Michael built a normal house they wouldn't be ard
According to Supporters of Michael Jackson the definition of "real victims" was established by them and applies to ALL.
According to the Supporters of Michael Jackson ONLY they know what a "real victim" wants, says, behaves, AND reacts.
@kharmencita39 @Hammertonhal @Tige2340 favorite clown. So I'm sure he doesn't give a fuck what you all think.
@kharmencita39 @Hammertonhal @Tige2340 Work; no work. Who the fuck cares? You only believed him when he said exceptional things about your
@Hammertonhal Did he establish a pattern of repeatedly bedding down a single girl? Why didn't he hold hands with Gavin's sister?
@Hammertonhal similar terms. Janet Arvizo wasn't after money.
@Hammertonhal Quit your sensationalistic terms. You rage against the tabloids, ROL, and more about exaggerations. And here you are saying
@Hammertonhal No it means he made them friends. That's it.
@Hammertonhal Really? How? I don't recall him saying he likes screwing women. The "bouncing titties" line is laughable.