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@VibbardJr Big things to come πŸ€™πŸ» congrats Kevin
Celebrating my real estate broker being inaugurated as the 2019 Austin Board of Realtors President. Congrats Kevin!
Congrats Kevin! We all love you and I’m so happy ❀️
@BB19KEVIN Congrats Kevin! Great news!
@BB19KEVIN Yes! Congrats Kevin!!!! Thank God!
@BB19KEVIN Oh my god CONGRATS KEVIN we knew you would beat it. WE LOVE YOU
Congrats Kevin Hart on almost hosting the Oscars!
@BB19KEVIN This is the best news to end the week! Congrats Kevin! Super grateful and happy for you and your family!
@BB19KEVIN I'm so happy for you! What great news. : ) Congrats Kevin
RT @Tammerss_: This is so exciting!!! Congrats Kevin πŸ₯³
@BB19KEVIN congrats kevin, happy for u
@BB19KEVIN Yes!!!! Congrats Kevin!!!
This is so exciting!!! Congrats Kevin πŸ₯³
@BB19KEVIN Such GREAT NEWS ! Congrats Kevin ! Much Love 😘
@BB19KEVIN Yay! Congrats Kevin!
@BB19KEVIN Congrats, Kevin! That's awesome. Wait a great gift for you and your family for the holiday season. Hope…